Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nolte: New Media Defeats Left-Wing Media’s Political Witch Hunt

"The left cannot destroy Sarah Palin"
John Nolte observes that the corrupt media has been conducting witch hunts for the left since the two joined together to blame the assassination of John F. Kennedy on right-wing anger, even though the killer was a Marxist and a Castro sympathizer. The pattern has been followed for more more than half a century. The left and its media allies have been able to get away with it, explains Nolte, because they had a monopoly on the narrative. But things have changed. The public no longer trusts the media, as poll after poll has shown us, and alternative media sources have given conservative voice a platform from which to debunk the left/media lies. And events of the past four days clearly demonstrate that the new media is finally winning:
The media’s shameless political witch hunt we saw over the weekend was obviously counter-intuitive behavior to anyone at all interested in not looking like the worst kind of political opportunist. But frustration makes you stupid and the left is frustrated, especially those in the media, because they are losing. And other than embarrassing ratings and cratering circulation numbers, nothing points to their diminishing power more than Sarah Palin’s ascendancy as a bona fide political force in this country. Whether or not the former Alaskan Governor becomes president isn’t an issue. She’s already changed the face of electoral politics and even managed to gain a serious foothold on the beach of popular culture while doing so.

The left cannot destroy Sarah Palin. She’s only getting stronger and this fact both terrifies and humiliates them. Their power is diminishing and what we saw over the weekend was bottled frustration over that flagging influence unleashed in a perfect storm of self-defeating fury. Hoping against hope that a vicious assassin would do the left “a solid” and step into the narrative they created even before the blood of a nine year-old girl had dried, just like Dan Rather and those documents, the Left went all-in with a partisan Hail Mary and came out permanently damaged… For these last three days will rightly haunt the mainstream media for decades to come.


What we witnessed these past three days wasn’t just political partisanship, what we witnessed was the horror show of entitled and angry elitists desperate for that warm, nostalgic feeling of reaffirmation that comes with a successful character assassination and a death blow to their political enemies. Yes, the media made complete fools of themselves and further damaged what was left of their reputations, but the brass ring of a momentary return to the good old days was impossible not to reach for.


The partisan political media battle between the liars and the righteous will likely never be won one way or another. But for the first time in decades we can at least fight back, especially when it matters, and this past weekend mattered for reasons much more important than politics. Now that the indecent have retreated to the shadows to lick their wounds, this nation can finally unify and get on with the proper business of grieving for the victims of a monstrous attack on our country and democracy.

- JP

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