Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 196

"Shame" Edition

David Forsmark at NewsReal Blog:
"Keith Olbermann continued to make a big deal out of Sarah Palin’s harmless—even clichéd—target map for Congressional districts, even as he protested that he 'never' implied it was the cause for the shooting. So, then, it’s a Big Deal… why? But it’s especially rich that Keith would think the map is a big deal, when he used language about Sarah Palin that would be used as justification for the President or Congress to declare war, or even authorize an assassination... Now, Keith wants to not only ignore the inflammatory rhetoric from his side while pretending common parlance on the other is what it most assuredly is not—his network is helping him cover it up... MSNBC has not posted a transcript of its prime time commentary shows since before the Tuscon shootings. In a way, I don’t blame them, they should be ashamed."
Nice Deb at NewsReal Blog:
"The Tucson Massacre’s Hall Of Shame... I think it’s useful, and frankly cathartic to name the names of the despicable vultures who swooped in and engaged in this contemptible behavior. Here they are..."
Matthew Vadum at NewsReal Blog:
"Fortunately, the leftist smear that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, 'Bushitler', the March of Dimes, international bankers, Israel, and Winnie the Pooh created the 'climate of hate' that somehow drove a severely mentally ill, largely apolitical man to shoot up a townhall meeting in Tucson on January 8 seems to be dying out. Over in the fever swamps of the left just a hard core of mendacious radicals such as Markos Moulitsas, the entire staff of the hate site Media Matters, and of course Paul Krugman and Chris Matthews, is sticking with (and in some cases doubling down on) this classic Big Lie. But let’s not forget what this vicious smear is all about: intimidating people on the right into silence."
"The media will continue to ignore that Jared Loughner and he alone is responsible... These folks sure are slow learners."
David C. Stolinsky, MD at
"Liberals feel free to misuse the historical term 'Nazi' repeatedly to vilify conservatives. But let Sarah Palin use the term 'blood libel' even once, and these same liberals suddenly become linguistic purists. What hypocrisy. What arrogance. What intellectual dishonesty. What utter lack of the ability to judge themselves by the same standards they apply to others. Do you recall the arson fire at the Palins’ church? If you don’t, I can’t blame you − it quickly vanished from the news. But over one million dollars’ damage was done to the Wasilla Bible Church. Several women and children were inside at the time, but they escaped the flames. And now Palin must travel with bodyguards after receiving multiple death threats. So we see that false accusations can result in hateful actions against the accused and her whole group, members of which narrowly escaped being burned to death in their house of worship. That is characteristic of a blood libel."
Bill Levinson at Israpundit:
"Chutzpah certainly describes the National Jewish Democratic Council’s recent condemnation of Sarah Palin for calling accusations that she somehow incited the alleged crime of Jared Lee Loughner as blood libels... [The NJDC] is about as Jewish as the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian..."
Amanda Read at The Washington Times:
"What I consider to be more disturbing than metaphorical rhetoric is a prominent media figure not being able to discern between a rhetorical and a literal call to arms. For instance, Chris Matthews recently said that Sarah Palin's 'don't retreat, reload' phrase (which was actually invented by her father) was not a metaphor. Come to think of it, Matthews has been metaphorically challenged for a while. I still remember watching him interrogate Senator Zell Miller (D-GA) after the 2004 Republican National Convention. Matthews wanted to know if Miller really thought that John Kerry intended to arm American troops with spitballs."
Matt Schneider at Mediaite:
"Palin and Beck are entirely justified to defend themselves from anyone’s, yes I’ll use the word, libelous implication that they somehow are responsible for a violent act perpetrated by an unhinged 'fan.'"
Tim Graham at NewsBusters:
"Time magazine asked a panel of 16 experts to answer the question 'Are We Becoming An Uncivil Society?' While Time's selected Republicans and conservatives (including Glenn Beck) stayed civil... leftist Daily Kos blogger Markos Moulitsas rudely predicted (again) that one side of the aisle, inspired by people like Beck, Sarah Palin, and Sharron Angle were going to get Americans killed... This is not an April Fools' Day joke. Time invited Markos Moulitsas to speak of civility in a civil tone. Were they shocked he just kept frantically slinging mud?"
Ken Shepherd at NewsBusters:
"For an atheist, Sally Quinn sure loves to preach with righteous indignation. At least, that is, when the subject is Sarah Palin... Yet instead of removing the log from the liberal media's eye, Quinn was more than content to obsess over the speck in Palin's..."
Bob Ellis at Dakota Voice:
"Last week, Sarah Palin released a video statement in response to the smear campaign of the 'mainstream' media and the rest of the Left to blame her and other conservatives for the actions of Jared Loughner in Tucson, Arizona. After her statement, the elitists in the 'mainstream' media told us that her statement was an abysmal failure, and that she should forget about any aspirations she might have for the presidency. A poll from Media Curves reveals a different picture of how her statement was received by the unwashed masses. Though slight, even among Democrats her believability and sincerity went up among Democrats after the statement. By a larger margin than Democrats, Independents rated her better in likeability, believability and sincerity after the statement. The poll also asked about support for a presidential bid, and found that even among Democrats support was higher after her statement. Like so many things we hear from the 'mainstream' media and others on the Left, I think these negative pronouncements about Palin were not in fact informed opinions about the public perception of Palin, but rather were attempts to sway public perception about her."
ZIP at Weasel Zippers:
"Sarah Palin: 'I Receive a Lot of Death Threats and so do My Children' ... Because death threats are progressive when the left does it."
Dennis Prager at
"The only way the left can succeed in America is by libeling the right... But the Left's modus operandi was never as apparent as it was this past week when it took a tragic mass killing of innocents by a violent mentally ill individual and transformed it -- within hours -- into an attack on the decency of the Right: specifically Sarah Palin, the tea party, Fox News and talk radio. The same left, led by The New York Times, that warned against making any quick assumptions that Islam had played any role in Maj. Nidal Hasan's murder of 13 people and wounding of 30 others at Fort Hood, immediately declared that the Arizona murders were largely a result of a 'climate of hate' induced by Palin and other conservatives. It wasn't true. They knew it wasn't true. And, yes, it was a libel."
small dead animals:
"Incidentally, the feelings of many on the Left towards Palin is clearly not just mere dislike but absolutely is hatred. If she were African American, what would be a good term to describe those with such feelings?"
Stanley Fish at The New York Times:
"This mixture of Calvinist pessimism and unabashed patriotism is writ large in Palin’s recent book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag... The book is really an anthology. The author does not present herself as controlling or magisterial; she gives her authorities space and then she gets out of the way. Her performance mimes the book’s lesson: rather than acting as a central authority, she lets individual voices speak for themselves. Humility is not something Palin is usually credited with, but here she enacts it by yielding the stage as others proclaims the truths she wants us to carry away."
- JP

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