Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 193

"Fool If You Think It's Over" Edition

Curt at Flopping Aces:
"Did You Hear? Sarah Palin’s Career Is Over… Again. Like we didn’t hear this last year, and the year before that... Yup, Sarah Palin has now been declared politically dead…according to those 'high' IQ’s at MSNBC. How dare she respond to those accusing her of being complicit in the death of a half of dozen people including a 9 year old. She should of just stayed quiet right? Of course when she did stay quiet the left prattled on about that. Laura Curtis asks what does it really take to end a political career?"
Mark Finkelstein at NewsBusters:
"Sarah Palin's [use of the term] 'blood libel' is a career ender, but Barack Obama's 20-year embrace of Jeremiah 'G.D America' Wright was manifestly not?"
Michael Cosgrove at Digital Journal:
"Sarah Palin has the majority of Americans on her side, and the 'blood libel' issue isn't one. This was a very significant speech. Palin proved here that she is able to mix compassion for the victims with an attack on her detractors. Her no-nonsense style came across as a blunt and pertinent rebuttal of criticism leveled against her which is hard to refute. She was obviously angry at what she feels to have been an injustice and you would have to be blind not to see that, just as it would be foolish to deny that she is right to a certain extent. No other Republican has showed anywhere near the amount of honesty and frank appraisal of the current situation as she has, and it could even be said that she is the foil to Obama's speech in Arizona. Measured, calm and collected, Sarah Palin has turned what looked like a certain political defeat into what could be a long term investment.
Don't write her off yet. Not by a long chalk..."
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"So they have written her off. Again. A pollster found that the speech by Sarah Palin actually improved her image among Republicans, independents and Democrats... It’s not that MSNBC and CNN are wrong all the time; it is that they are never right."
Yossi Gestetner:
"The shootings in Arizona took place a week ago, which gave some Democrats an opening to attach to it whatever they have on their agenda: from restricting Free Speech, to cutting back Gun Rights, and ended with continually destroying Sarah Palin. But the polling, as of now, is bad news for Democrats and their liberal talking points... Encouraging about these polling numbers is, that the American public can read and see news stories for what they are, regardless what the main stream media tries to propel by their ever dwindling influence."
John Guardiano at the Daily Caller:
"Have you no sense of decency? That’s the question that must be asked of MSNBC host Chris Matthews. The left-wing blowhard and Democratic Party apparatchik is shamelessly and obscenely trying to destroy Sarah Palin’s political future. I know, I know... What else is new?"
Jeff Poor at The Daily Caller:
" We’ve heard the conspiracies. They’re rampant all over the Internet that President Barack Obama was actually born in Kenya or Indonesia. Though they have been roundly dismissed by many on the left and the right, left-leaning outlets still use the conspiracy theory to marginalize conservatives. However, on Thursday’s 'Hardball with Chris Matthews,' MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan makes a good point – that people who want to connect former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the tragedy in Tucson last weekend may be invoking their own 'birther'-like conspiracy into the dialogue. That is something... Matthews has been willing to do since his first broadcast following the tragedy."
Lachlan Markay at NewsBusters:
"Ah, the perils that befall Chris Matthews when he brings a non-liberal on his show. Maybe this is why it happens so rarely."
Rick Moore at
"There has been a concerted effort on the part of the wacky left and its handmaidens in the media to blame Sarah Palin, among others, for the violence in Arizona. It's an incredibly intellectually dishonest effort and one that is now beginning to meet with the disgrace it deserves. As I watched this unfold it appears this was not a spontaneous effort, but a coordinated effort among the left, with possible White House prompting, to smear a potential 2012 challenger to Obama. Do I have evidence of Obama's involvement in this smear? Just as much evidence they have that Palin is responsible for this shooting."
Steven at Bucks Right:
"This is our American media: A jackass sits around thinking up accusations against Sarah Palin, each more bizarre than the one before it, and the so-called media reports on it to make it legitimate."
Col. John Reitzell at Big Peace:
"Note to Sheriff Dipstik in Pima County... Shut the hell up, step away from the camera, and keep your political dreams to yourself! Do your job in the county and state you believe has been turned upside down by Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, neither of whom has violated a law in your jurisdiction. Dude, put some deputies on your congresswoman while she entertains YOUR constituents in open forum. Check out the KNOWN loonies in your jurisdiction… it’s a job not an adventure, Skippy."
Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN):
"Sarah Palin has every right to defend herself and to defend her reputation. The efforts to lay blame at the feet of Sarah Palin or anyone else are absurd."
Phineas at Sister Toldjah:
"Of the many odd, even outrageous, things I’ve read and heard over the last few days since the shooting spree and, especially, since her address two days ago, the corker has to be that Sarah Palin should have stayed out of the fray, kept herself above it all, let others handle it for her. In other words, she should have shut up. To which I reply: Horse manure... Governor Palin had to respond to these slanders; it was her right and she was right to do it."
Jack Coleman at NewsBusters:
"Rachel Maddow on Wednesday disparaged Sarah Palin for her condemnation of liberals' kneejerk 'blood libel' against conservatives in the wake of the Tucson shooting... Oddly enough, [leftist Eugene] Robinson's previous reference to 'blood libel' never came up when he chatted with Maddow on Wednesday, as can be seen on the segment in its entirety here."
John W. Lillpop at American Conservative Daily:
"The insanity of the left as regards Governor Palin... dropped to depths unimaginable for what is alleged to be a civilized, educated society. Even the Governor’s statement, a reasoned and calm presentation which countered scurrilous attacks from the left, was attacked by dodos like Chris Matthews because Palin described her treatment by the Marxist media as 'Blood libel'. Six people in Tucson are dead and others, including Gabby Giffords, are fighting for survival, and moonbats are hemorrhaging over use of the phrase Blood Libel? What the hell is happening to our nation? Is there no there here anymore? ... So again, the pressing question is 'Who’s afraid of Sarah Palin?' The answer: Everyone, including Barack Obama, on the left!"
- JP

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  1. A note to Joe Scarborough: this is not the end of Palin's political career, King Nothing. It's the end of the media's grasp on the minds of America.

    Lyrics and video for King Nothing:

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