Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 192

"Misunderstood" Edition

John Ziegler at Mediaite:
"Palin’s speech was incredibly dignified, and in an era where a President can claim local police acted like stupid racists without a shred of evidence, was more than presidential. But perhaps the most important difference between these two speeches came in the realm of how Obama and Palin view evil. In Obama’s world, evil things just happen and we may (he’s apparently not sure) all be to blame, while in Palin’s reality evil is done by bad people who must be held responsible for their actions, without threatening our freedoms. Of course, once again, the media has misunderstood Sarah Palin. She was not trying to act like a president in exile. She was simply trying to tell the truth as she sees it, in a manner that was as noble as possible. Something which, if she was a liberal, I have no doubt she would have been seen has having done in a courageous and exemplary fashion."
Rob Miller at Big Government:
"I can appreciate why Sarah Palin’s political enemies would want to compare these two speeches... [but] No one accused President Barack Obama of being directly complicit in mass murder... and the dinosaur media demonizing Governor Palin while lauding Obama is exactly what it smells like – pure partisan horse manure."
Abe Greenwald at Commentary Magazine:
"Part of the reason Palin’s faults get so much attention is because a multicultural, post-everything media considers her strengths so passé. Her conviction in American exceptionalism doesn’t even have to be proved wrong to be denounced; it merely has to be highlighted, like a fashion don’t. It’s part of her perceived yokelism. Too bad it’s precisely what the country needs right now... Palin’s great asset, acknowledged or not, is that she not only believes in American exceptionalism; she recognizes it as the solution to our problems... If Obama would turn to American exceptionalism instead of American catastrophism, he’d attain the most important aspect of crisis leadership, which has eluded him his entire presidency: inspiration."
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit:
"Why they'd rather talk about Sarah Palin (cont’d): Inflation rate headed up? The impact of higher food, energy prices."
Dov Hikind, NY Assemblyman, at Vos Iz Neias:
"As someone whose grandparents were slaughtered in the Holocaust; whose parents survived the horrors of Auschwitz; and as the Assembly representative of the largest contingency of Holocaust survivors, I resent the recent attacks on Sarah Palin for her use of the term 'blood libel' in defense of accusations lobbed against her by those wishing to lay blame for the tragic shooting in Tucson, Arizona. This is nothing more than an attempt to vilify and malign her, and I am not a Palin supporter. I would argue that those who continue to demonize her are themselves engaging in a blood libel."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinatedthoughts:
"Her use of the term 'blood libel' has sparked another wave of criticism from the media and the left... [but] the term has a much broader context than what some on the left will admit. One controversy is falling apart as the facts become known... so we should have expected they would latch onto another one."
Jonathan Tobin at Jewish World Review:
"So the claim that Palin has crossed some bright line in the sand and 'stolen' a phrase that has always and should always be used to describe only one thing is absurd. Like so much else that has been heard from the left in the wake of the shootings in Arizona, this further charge against Sarah Palin is groundless. The fact is, those who are trying to link her or other conservatives to this crime are, in fact, committing a kind of blood libel. Take issue with her politics or dislike her personality if that is your inclination, but the idea that she has even the most remote connection to this event is outrageous. So, too, is the manufactured controversy over 'blood libel.'"
Brian at Freedom's Lighthouse:
"The Left is now attacking Sarah Palin for her use of the term 'blood libel' to describe their unfounded attacks against her... Liberals are panicking because the American people are not buying their attacks on conservatives and Talk Radio as being responsible for the Tucson Shootings. It is clear there is no such thing to them as an attack too low for them to employ."
Marooned In Marin:
"Already, I'm seeing the comments of many on the internet who don't necessarily like Palin, but are tempted to vote for her because of these attacks. Why? There is an old axiom, 'don't beat up on the girl.' Sarah Palin has now been beaten up by these misogynist lapdog media thugs, bloggers like Daily Kos and Little Green Footballs, and many Democrats. She tries to defend herself and is essentially given the back of the hand: 'SHUT UP! (slap, slap), go get me a beer and a turkey pot pie!' treatment by the same folks."
John Hayward at Human Events:
"This call to civility came after the President’s allies spent four days loudly indicting conservatives as accessories to murder, a campaign that led to a frightening surge of death threats against one of their primary targets, Sarah Palin... The Climate of Hate mutates instead of dying."
Susan Swift at Big Journalism:
"In case you missed the latest example of vitriol within the social media of Facebook, witness the 'I Hate it When I Wake Up and Sarah Palin is Still Alive' page... What sort of sick people personally degrade, threaten and wish death upon a mother, wife and fellow American whom they do not know? Jared Lee Loughner for one... Ultimately, individuals are responsible for their own actions, not movies, not the radio, not political rhetoric and not social networks. Rather than shifting the blame, we should ask focused questions about those sick individuals who attack, who injure, who use such vicious hate speech and what motivates them. "
Brian at Six Meat Buffet:
"Sarah Palin is the Kevin Bacon of Tragedy. Everything that’s wrong in the world is her fault no matter how tangentially related."
Rush Limbaugh:
"Now, as you know, people from the beginning of time have tried to figure out why liberals are liberals. I, on this program, have announced various theories and reasons. Everybody has. It's Mars-Venus. I mean seriously, the left is mad that Sarah Palin is inserting herself into this. Now, Sarah Palin, I don't know, maybe killing and dressing a moose on Saturday afternoon, incident happens, 30 minutes later she's responsible for it. So three days later she does a video on Facebook, and they accuse her of inserting herself and trying to take over the story, to put herself in front of it. They dragged her into it. And Dan Balz: 'As Obama Urged Unity, Palin Brought Division.' Division? So here's more of the Drive-By Media pointing a finger of blame and suspicion at Palin."
Gil Guignat at
"We wonder why the mainstream press is so hysterical and seemingly desperate. Could it be that it is unable to prevent the idea of a President Palin in a couple of years?"
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"What can Sarah Palin do to avoid the wrath of a blood thirsty media? Nothing. If she’s silent, she isn’t leading or doesn’t care. If she speaks it’s not in a presidential way or the words are wrong. If she says nothing, she’s tacitly agreeing with her detractors. If she defends her self, she’s making it about her... And when the media and progressive left acts as it has this last week, it feels irrational and out of control. Forget civility. It doesn’t seem sound-minded... Accusing an ideological opponent of being complicit in a murder is, well, it’s unbalanced... I thought that President George W. Bush was treated unfairly. But even he was not a resident of the Village of the Media Damned."
- JP

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