Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 185

"There's no tongue in your cheek" Edition

AWR Hawkins at Big Hollywood:
"Kathy Griffin is a disturbed individual who spends less and less of her time doing 'comedy' and more and more of her time personally attacking people with whom she disagrees politically... And to start 2011 off on the wrong foot... she has pledged to take Willow Palin 'down' during this calendar year... In other words, now that the lies about Sarah and the attacks on Bristol’s weight have grown passé, it’s time to find a new way to be offensive enough to get noticed... Think about it folks: Griffin is saying that she, a washed up, fifty-year-old comedian, is dedicating 2011 to verbally attacking a minor. How much more twisted can things get...?"
Calvin Freiburger at NewsReal Blog:
"There are few personalities which more perfectly embody Hollywood’s decency deficit than alleged comedienne Kathy Griffin."
David Vance at A Tangled Web:
"Palin Derangement Syndrome has become as prevalent as Bush Derangement Syndrome, and in many regards is even more wicked. If Palin is such a political nobody and laughing stock as some on the Left allege, why the endless and hysterical attacks? Is it because, just like Reagan when he transited onto the National stage, she strikes fear into their bleeding hearts? Is it because they know that is she becomes President, she will shrink the mighty State? Is it because in her they see a love of the Constitution that will not waiver and it disgusts them?"
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"TLC host jealous Sarah Palin’s show has higher ratings..."
Ron Konkoma at Evil Conservative Radio:
"First, they were a figment of Sarah Palin's imagination. Than, after we all found out that she was right, the media spin was that everyone was overreacting - the Death Panels weren't Death Panels at all - just much-needed counseling for seniors. Now that's worn thin and we're left with what the self-labeled 'progressive' movement really wants, which is a way to trim the costs of Obamacare by eliminating care for the elderly, the chronically ill, and who knows who all else?"
Curt at Flopping Aces:
"First Obama pushed for end-of-life counseling in ObamaCare, then it was pulled after Sarah Palin rightly pointed out the spooky nature of the death panels... Then Dr. Donald 'I love Socialism' Berwick, head of Medicare, put it back in... He got caught and now Obama is pulling it once again..."
Dan Calabrese at North Star National:
"Sarah Palin, who is smart, warned that one of the dangers of government-run health care would be the prospect of senior citizens’ having life or death decisions taken away from them and handed to government bureaucrats, who would care only about costs and not about the value of life. She referred to these as death panels... The media went into full-scale convulsions and did everything it could to pretend that the statement was bogus... So when it came out that Obama wanted Medicare to pay doctors to encourage people to end their lives, Democratic Congressman Earl Bremenauer put out a memo urging supporters of the measure to keep it secret because, if Republicans found out, they might point to it as evidence that Palin was right, which it is, and which she was... It’s a damn good thing Sarah Palin doesn’t care what these idiots say about her, because the public seems to have noticed who tells the truth and who spews propaganda."
Stacy Drake at A Time For Choosing:
"This is not the first time Governor Palin has refused to ingratiate herself to special interest groups. Nor is it the first time that Republicans have been her detractors, if not outright political enemies."
Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"For the last two years, I thought the smear campaign was directed at Sarah Palin. I just found out that it was really directed at us, the American people.. And when we see fellow Americans, whether they are good conservatives like Erick [Erickson], or just some independent who is lost in the woods, wavering or succumbing to media and cultural pressure, we need to help them... I know she can win. I was alive when Ronald Reagan did it. I’ve seen it done exactly this way before. But for those who have not lived it, they need faith. Erick, have faith. She is not radioactive. She is kryptonite."
Mark Heuring at True North:
"Aside from Sarah Palin, who has a similar ability to drive liberals nuts, [Michele] Bachmann has to be the #1 Emmanuel Goldstein for bien pensant liberals who otherwise keep their hostility a smidge more repressed."
Eugene Koprowski at News With Views:
"A few days ago, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-Alaska) took to Twitter, and twitted Barack Obama once again. This time, she took on the president over how his weak, seemingly socialist policies have increased gasoline prices, and harmed the U.S. economy. She’s absolutely correct in her assessment of Obama’s energy strategy. Palin knows what she’s talking about on oil and gas and energy issues... Palin supports energy independence to strengthen the U.S. dollar and decrease oil prices... Taking control of our energy future is a much better strategy than tilting at windmills, literally, as Obama is doing with his energy policy."
"Depending on which online bookmaker you look at, America’s... hockey mom is either the odds-on favorite to get the GOP nod... or is runner-up..."
Mark Fitzgibbons at the Washington Examiner:
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has been taking heat for criticizing Michelle Obama’s vegetable crusade. And potential GOP presidential nominee rival Mike Huckabee took sides against Palin and in favor of Obama... Liberals who like kind-hearted Republican suckers don’t like Palin. Upon more inspection, Palin seems to have better instincts than Huckabee on this issue, especially in these Tea Party days... The food fight between Palin and Obama... isn’t really about eating vegetables for good health. As Politico’s Ben Smith writes, Palin promoted healthy eating as a way to cut down on disease and childhood obesity during her 2009 State of the State address. The real fight is how government will exercise control over how healthy, natural foods are promoted, and who does it. It seems Palin’s instincts are right on."
"Cue the progressive liberal head explosions!"
PFFV at Government Mess:
"I respectfully disagree with Ted Nugent... If Sarah Palin was running for president of the USA, and our choices were Rhino Republicans... or other establishment types I could easily vote for her. I agree that there are many other very strong candidates right now that I would probably vote for if they do in fact run. Allen West, for example, is my number 1 choice. Then I like Herman Cain as another strong candidate. It's too early, but I wouldn't rule out Sarah Palin yet."
- JP


  1. Kathy Griffin? Here's the scoop on her.

    She actually possesses notable improv talent, but she is like a cow doing the backstroke in the farm's off-limits manure pit. She is not an innovator, she is just another crass follower with a flapping yap.

    She ought to be ashamed, because she is a total waste of talent -- a dried-out, cynical hag.

    Like so many in the morass of Hollywood, she very eagerly attaches herself to "the gays", thinking, "I will spout high-school bitchiness and therefore I will always have the gays."

    What a bitter cop-out. She exemplifies the narrow fundamentalism of pop-culture 'default thinking'. Or, rather, non-thinking.

    I know full well that consevatives can be total "followers", but the stunning irony is that our nation's "royalty," the "stars", fancy themselves to be guideposts when, in fact, these liberals are the most transparently insecure and neurotic followers on this continent.

    The same goes for Anderson Cooper ... not dissing gays, here ("A few of our best Republicans are gay") but what a gay baboon. It's the refusal to think reasonably, the willful idiocy, that gets me. For the folks in LA, hypocrisy is the disease they all have, and are blissfully unaware of their own dimwittedness.

    But I must aver ... conservatives in this country are enabling these people who undeservedly dictate so much of the public discourse. Yes. Conservatives watch these shit-shows, they buy the products, they gossip about the skanky Kardashian women and all the rest of the flotsam and jetsam.

    Do you want, as a conservative person, to stop what is shaping up to be the biggest collapse since the fall of the Roman Empire?

    Destroy "Hollywood" and 99% of the idiots in that industry. Destroy it.

    Americans can demand a certain kind of programming and get it, instead of being led by the nose by these fecalmongers.

    But, I am shocked by how so many conservatives are supporting Hollywood crap every day, day in and day out.

    Apathy on this particular level is very dangerous. It is chronic, even for conservatives, or people who identify themselves as such.

    This narcissistic "star worship" in America needs to be nuked, especially because most of these people haven't even got any talent and have no right to be "famous" to begin with.

    Griffin, again, exemplifies this because, while I credit her for 'gift of gab', maybe, she is a complete hypocrite and she is Mediocrity personified.

    America is going to get what it deserves until it totally stops worshipping at the Altar of Hollywood and Hollywood's many dependencies and collaterals. It it's to be some sort of idealogical war, then American conservatives need to forget Afghanistan and make immediate war on Los Angeles.


  2. Thanks for the quote, Josh. Keep up the great work here.