Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 183

"A New Morning in America" Edition

Patrick S. Adams at Liberty's Lamp:
"What Reagan and Palin both represent is an upsetting truth that draws ridicule from the Left and from the Establishment because it threatens their ways of collectivism, social engineering and cronyism. Constitutional conservatism to them is a danger to the status quo of their power structure. They're afraid that Palin may succeed. And they will do anything to plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the people. The people must be strong and courageous if they want to change their nation. Morning in America is a beautiful place. But it will require hard work and mental fortitude to get there. Follow her because she lights the way. Don't be distracted by the pundits and the critics."
Walter Whetsell, GOP consultant, via McClatchy Newspapers:
"There is no question that people are looking at Sarah Palin as the frontrunner."
John LeBoutillier, former U.S. Congressman (R-NY):
"Sarah Palin will continue to dominate the talk of the GOP race for the presidential nomination. She will continue to prevent any other new 'star' to emerge from the pack. By the end of 2011 no Republican will have emerged as the favorite for the GOP presidential nomination. Sarah Palin will still the most talked-about Republican candidate. She will have catchy one-liners at the TV debates which begin in June. There will be eight white guys – and Palin – up on the stage – and she will dominate the news of these debates."
James Frayne at The Campaign War Room:
"Facebook have recently released a report on which politicians and government agencies are best at using Facebook. Unsurprisingly, Sarah Palin comes out particularly well..."
Kerry Dougherty of The Virginian-Pilot:
"One soothsayer who's gotten a lot of ink this week tells us that Michelle Obama will be pregnant by the end of the year, Hillary Clinton will win a Nobel Prize and Sarah Palin will get a divorce. Of course, this same visionary last year said the lost city of Atlantis would be found, the globe would experience a massive power outage and big bats would attack South America."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"You Stay Classy, Kathy Griffin!"
The Damien Zone:
"Kathy Griffin has a new career — bullying a child — or at least saying that she is going to 'take down' a child. Just by saying this, she is already guilty... So the queen of the F-listers wants to bully and mock a 16-year-old kid in front of her diminishing audiences just to keep her sagging career pertinent — UGH! What a horrible monster this woman has become... Griffin’s entire career is based on contempt and loathing."
Brian at Freedom's Lighthouse:
"All five RNC Chair candidates say Sarah Palin can win a general election for president."
SusanAnne Hiller at Big Journalism:
"When you tell a liberal the truth they recoil in disbelief. Seriously. Just watch Kirsten Powers and her disbelief... She’s so flustered when she finds out the truth that President Bush vetoed the 2008 bill with the end-of-life provision in it, and it was the Democrat Congress that overrode the veto and forced it into law... Could you imagine if Sarah Palin made that mistake?"
Moneyrunner at The Virginian:
"Let there be a news story about the Palins and the raving nuts flock like a bunch of demented crows."
Tim Graham at NewsBusters:
"Chicago Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert is slamming Sarah Palin on Twitter again. But Ebert, famously known as the rotund partner of slimmer Gene Siskel, actually mocks Palin for 'sticking up for little fatsos' when she slammed Michelle Obama's remarks on school nutrition... This is a little strange, like Ed Schultz mocking Chris Christie's weight, except Sarah Palin is very fit."
Just A Grunt at JammieWearingFool:
"For these people [the media] nothing seems to strike more fear in their hearts then a little five foot something hockey mom from America's last frontier."
Steven Martinovich at Enter Stage Right:
"The left may hate her, the media may try and marginalize her but you continue to love her. Your ESR Person of the Year for 2010 is, once again, Sarah Palin... If effort alone won the Person of the Year, Palin would probably have won it easily but ESR's readers clearly favour impact and it's hard to argue that anyone else had a bigger one -- outside of Obama -- on the American political scene in 2010. It remains to be seen whether Sarah Barracuda's grassroots popularity can translate into something bigger in 2012 but for now she remains the most important figure in American conservatism."
Rob Port at
"During the 2008 election the left attempted to paint Palin as a book-burning religious fundamentalist, and yet while Sarah Palin and her family are clearly devout Christians, she may not be nearly the social conservative some have painted her as... My respect for Palin, already pretty high, has gone up still higher."
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"Why the surprise? As governor, Palin vetoed a bill in 2006 that would have denied benefits to employees in same-sex relationships, saying it was unconstitutional. While she opposes same-sex marriage (something consistent with her religious beliefs, after all), there has never been a hint in her public or private life to show that she endorses hatred of homosexuals. Yet needless to say, CNN , HuffPo, the Politico, Gawker and a number of other outlets found this worthy of headlines, and archly questioned Sarah Palin's 'motives.' It never ends."
- JP

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