Saturday, January 15, 2011

Michael van der Galien: Palinism

"She has the truth on her side"
In recent months Gov. Palin has earned considerable respect from one of her harshest former critics. Michael van der Galien says the more he considers what she has to say and to write, the more impressed he is "by her character, fearlessness, political intelligence and strategy." Though he says it's too early for him to endorse a candidate for president, she's "at, or near" the top of his list. The Dutchman, who majors in American Studies at the University of Groningen, says Sarah Palin is dangerous – to her political opponents.

At Hot Air's Green Room, the former Moderate Voice blogger analyzes the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate's response to the attacks against her by progressives and their trained media flea circus in the wake of the Tuscon shootings:
It goes without saying that Palin is right. Leftists condemned conservatives in general for the shooting before we even knew the slightest thing about Jared Lee Loughner’s political views. Once more information surfaced about his background, it became clear that he is simply insane. Politics had nothing to do with his terrible crime. Of course that inconvenient fact did not prevent leftists from lashing out at, especially, Palin time and again. They had found a new political weapon, and they were determined to use it for all its worth.


She fears nothing. When cornered, she lashes out. She plays offense at all times, not just when so-called ‘experts’ think it’s convenient. And big papa grizzlies don’t impress her one bit. She’s determined to protect her cubs – whether they’d be her own career, her ideals, her policy views, her children, or her allies – against all cost. And that’s precisely what makes her so dangerous to the left.

Palin’s distinct approach to politics is “Palinism.” To me, it’s basically a libertarian conservative world view, combined with an aggressive strategy to win elections and shape the general tone of the debate. Although some more careful – and fearful – conservatives may not like it, Palin’s combination is the way forward; at least for her.


Conservatives need her desperately; other politicos are too afraid of the mainstream media to fight back, but not Palin. Unlike any other conservative politician, she’s able to set the tone of the debate. Even those who are right-of-center and who do not support the governor’s ambitions, have to admit that she has a vital role to play in the conservative movement. To silence her – because you consider her ‘too divisive’ – is not just ludicrous, but potentially dangerous. After all, who else is willing and able to take on the left and its dirty games?

- JP

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