Monday, January 3, 2011

Michael Moriarty: We are Trig!

Unless we know that, the Obama Nation wins
At Enter Stage Right, Michael Moriarty argues that unless Roe v Wade is overturned, the American Maoists will win:
What might turn the tide? A President Sarah Palin.


We are Trig!!

The only thing standing between us and an early grave are women and men such as Sarah Palin and the very Catholic (grade school and high school) trained, Col. Allen West. Please listen to Col. West's CPAC speech here.

May they both succeed in rescuing the White House and America, freeing us from the Bipartisan, Progressive and Decidedly Pro-Abortion, New World Order.

Fervently pro-life defenders of the Second Amendment, encompassing the two major minorities of America, women and blacks, will simultaneously dumbfound the anti-American world; while, at the same time, they will rule with God's blessings by saving the lives of unborn infants.

Until Roe v Wade's infanticide ends, America and Americans will not only founder; they will drown in the ocean of hypocrisy which they created for themselves. Once Roe v Wade was decided in 1973, the Obama Nation was sure to follow. "Morning for America" will not be possible until we begin to overturn Roe v Wade.

We are Trig.

Unless we know that, the Obama Nation wins.

Trig and the right to be a human being are inextricably wedded.

Progress for a Progressive means becoming something greater and more powerful than a mere human being. It obviously means, in the face of Roe v Wade's legalized murder, becoming God.

I'd really rather be Trig. No one can play The Creator better than The Creator already has.

If you think so, I'm glad I'm not you.

- JP

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