Monday, January 17, 2011

Mark Levin: Ross Douthat disappoints, just another useful idiot

"The Left will never target him because he just isn't worth it"
Ross Douthat, the New York Times' idea of a "conservative," has more bad advice for Gov. Palin in his latest column, straight from the Vichy GOP talking points generator. Mark Levin dismisses the disappointing Douthat:
"... it is odd that Douthat would be befuddled by Sarah Palin's desire to defend herself against unhinged and unrelenting smears. She waited five days, no doubt hoping they'd stop. But they didn't. And she was attacked for waiting five days by some of whom attacked her for responding at all.

Perhaps if Douthat were wearing Palin's dress, and if something he said or did launched 1,000 libels, he'd be less condescendingly perplexed...

h/t: Dan Riehl

- JP

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