Wednesday, January 12, 2011

John Hayward: Sarah Palin Versus The Blood Libel

"You lose, liberals"
John Hayward, the perceptive pundit formerly known as "Doctor Zero," commented at Human Events Wednesday morning on Gov. Palin's statement regarding the media left's exploitation of the Tuscon shootings:
MSNBC can retire their idiotic “Sarah Palin: On the Lam” graphic now. The former vice-presidential candidate and governor of Alaska has released an eight-minute video response to those who tried to pin responsibility for the Tucson shootings on her specifically, and conservatives in general. Liberals who thought they would be able to bury her under Jared Loughner’s victims are going to be very disappointed.

Aside from expressing condolences for the victims, and best wishes for Representative Giffords, Palin has said little since the atrocity on Saturday night – which is both understandable and appropriate, because the incident has nothing to do with her. Imagine what the Left would have said about Palin if she had begun pumping out blog posts and videos within hours of the attack. Unlike liberals, she knows better than to exploit a tragedy for political points, and she obviously had no intention of joining cretins like Paul Krugman or Keith Olbermann in their slime pit for a wrestling match.

After days of being named as an accessory to murder by liberal hysterics, Palin finally decided to speak out. She begins by once again offering condolences for the victims and their families, even as she acknowledges that “no words can fill the hole left by the death of an innocent,” and she salutes the heroism of those who brought the gunman down before he could do even more damage. She also says she’s been “praying for guidance.” Note to the nitwits who spent days trying to paint Loughner as one of her devotees: she doesn’t use a shrine made of skulls and orange peels in a backyard tent when she does that.

Afterward, her main thrust is a celebration of the “passionate exchange of ideas” in our “exceptional country”… and her devastating rebuttal of those who seek to force others out of that debate, using either bullets or vicious slander.


Thus does Sarah Palin shame those who tried to put her in the parking lot of that Tucson grocery store, when gunshots rang out. There is no question who they are – we have hours of videotape from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC, plus stacks of rotting paper from liberal newspapers, clearly identifying the people Palin destroyed with this video. You lose, liberals.

- JP

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  1. When the media and liberal politicians started targeting Sarah over the Giffords attack, my first thought was: 'here we go again.' I hoped this nonsense would blow over, but the left isn't letting up. So, I wrote and posted a blog on my website ( -- new link. No longer at .net or blogspot. Thanks!): “Toxic Rhetoric Trumps Tucson Attacks: Liberals Take Aim at Palin, Tea Parties ...”