Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Ignorant Fishermen reviews 'America By Heart'

"Sarah is the right woman at the right time"
Here are some excerpts from the review of America By Heart by The Ignorant Fishermen:
As TRUE Americans today have cried out to Almighty God for help – just as our Founding Fathers did- to restore our nation to a place in which it would turn from its gross wickedness and secular lawless bent, it would seem in Almighty God's grace and mercy that He has heard our prayers. Sarah is the right woman at the right time. I know that this statement is too much for a lot of people to handle but it is what it is.

Sarah’s American vision is the vision of our Founding Fathers, which comprehended the absolute need to obey and honor the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God. In this book, Sarah shares her views of America, family, faith and flag from this perspective.

The other day I downloaded Sarah’s new book, “Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag” on my iPod. As I began to listen, I personally loved the personal touch in which Sarah herself narrates this book. One of the things that I greatly enjoyed about this book is that Sarah shares and echos my personal beliefs of America and that she is not intimidated to speak of the very ideals that made America great! This book will fire up the conservative American and that individual will be nodding “that’s right!” all thought her book.

Sarah’s “Reaganesque” qualities have been quite refreshing these last couple of years and a great encouragement to TRUE Americans everywhere. We have lack genuine conservative leadership in America for some time and Sarah has seemed to fill this void. As the American apostate movement (progressive secular left) seeks to overturn and replace our Judeo/Christian culture, morality, Constitution, and God given liberties, Sarah has been a voice for millions who seek to preserve our nation and to keep it the way it was founded. Sarah's book will totally fire up all those who genuinely love TRUE freedom, TRUE liberty, the American dream and its Founding ideals.

In this book, she quotes and speaks about great U.S. and world statesmen like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Booker T. Washington, Calvin Coolidge, Abigail Adams etc. She speaks of our nation’s founding and our Founding Father’s vision for America. She speaks - with great pride - about our military men and women and how we are all indebted to them. She speaks about the Tea Party movement and the Tea Party American individuals who have let their voices be heard this last year. She speaks about TRUE feminism and against the evils of the perverted and twisted secular feminist movement of the godless left. She speaks about her love for her family and how they have been a great inspiration and blessing to her. She gives insight into some of her trials and how she was able to overcome them. She speaks about the slanderous and vicious attacks of the Secular leftist media on her and her family and how she was and is able to cope with these haters. She defines for us the term “mama grizzly” and she boldly talks about the failing family unit in America today, morality, abortion, God and the harmful social and cultural effects of secular socialism.

The reviewer's only negative comments about Gov. Palin's second book are related to her discussion of faith, which he believes she does in "very relativistic and pluralistic language." A fundamentalist Christian, he seems troubled by the fact that the governor didn't denounce Mitt Romney's Mormonism as a "cult" (as fundamentalists so often do) or attack JFK's Catholic faith (although she did criticize Kennedy for not embracing his faith in his famous speech to a gathering of pastors in Houston). We can only imagine the firestorm her critics would have torched had she done so.

This brings up what we see as a very important point. Though continually attacked by the secular left as a bible-thumping theocrat, Sarah Palin's faith is regarded by many on the extreme fundamentalist Christian right as "weak tea." She's too Christian for the extreme left and not Christian enough for the extreme right. Which calls to mind the old cliche that if she is taking flak from both extremes, she must be right over the target. As a politician, albeit a very different kind of politician than those we are used to, she should be expected to speak as a lay person rather than as a preacher.

Though Gov. Palin has never shied away from publicly expressing her abiding faith in the Almighty, Christ Jesus is a very personal Savior for her, and we not only understand that relationship, we sympathize with it. Many people prefer to leave deeper discussions of God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to church and other religious venues. Sarah Palin has never attacked or demeaned the faith of others, especially not in the pages of a book intended to be read by millions of people of various denominations, including the non denominational. It would be political suicide to do so, which is a fact that seems to be overlooked by some on the Christian right who seem to want their politicians to sabotage their own political viability by sounding like television evangelist preachers at all times. Bottom line: Gov. Palin is secure enough in her own faith to trust others to be secure in theirs. Let God sort 'em out. It is, after all, His job, not ours.

- JP

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  1. JP, I find your commentary, not just excellent, but, indeed, superb! Not only are your views of Sarah's faith honest and forthright, they reflect the common sense which is the hallmark of Sarah Palin! Thank you and Happy New Year!