Monday, January 17, 2011

Fox News Insider: Sean Hannity previews tonight's Palin interview

"A stack of death threats"
Sean Hannity called in to "Fox & Friends" Monday morning to preview tonight's edition of "Hannity," which will feature a live interview with Gov. Palin:

8PM Central Time, 9 PM Eastern.

- JP

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  1. Why Palin's 8 minute speech via video was attacked is simply because no matter what she said, it would have been attacked. What the media were demanding was that she grovel, apologize, and beg their forgiveness. Palin didn't do any of those things, instead she gave a spirited defense of freedom of speech, and labeled the 5 days of attacks on her and others for what they were, blood libel.

    It should be noted that within hours "blood libel" became the biggest search term on Google, demonstrating once again how Palin can drive the narritive with just a word or too, remember "refudiate."