Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Evan Sayet: Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

She's living proof that everything about the Democrat Party narrative is a lie
Many conservatives have pondered the question of why the feft hates Gov. Palin so. We long ago lost count of the number of articles we've excerpted and linked to which try to explain the phenomenon. It's not an easy task to undertake for those on our side because conservatives tend to think logically and rationally, while the hive mind of the left is emotional and irrational. Therefore, most conservatives who try to explain the hatred are really just giving you their best guesses.

In this op-ed, Evan Sayet, satirist, lecturer and writer, according to the blurb at FronPageMag.com, does as good a job nailing down the left's hate rage against the Mama Grizzly as anyone we've read:
It just happened again.

I spend a fair amount of time at my local coffee shop. I like to do my writing outside and, besides, it gives me an opportunity to try and initiate political conversations with the people who pass by — my hope always being to begin to enlighten them as to what conservatives really believe (and not just what the leftist media tells them.)

Today, the conversation turned to Sarah Palin and my latest acquaintance blurted out: “Oh I hate her.” Since she did not yet know my politics, and since we were in Los Angeles, it is clear that she expected to hear back what you usually hear back in this city: “Yeah, I hate her, too.” Instead, I asked her why.

At this point I could have predicted her response because it’s the same response you get from liberals no matter who on the Right you’re talking about: “Because she’s stupid.” I replied: “Being stupid is no reason to hate someone, but tell me, which one of her policies do you disagree with?” It wasn’t hard to predict her response: “All of them!”

I continued to push. “Well, then, if it’s all of them, it should be easy for you to name one.” Her reply? “They’re too many to list.”

“So don’t list them, just give me one,” I said.

This went on for awhile until my new acquaintance finally admitted that she didn’t know any of Ms. Palin’s policies. Before she ran off – Democrats always run off when asked to provide facts to justify their hatred for Republicans – I looked her in the eyes and said, “If you don’t know any of her policies, perhaps you should look into them.” She promised she would. She won’t. If there are two things you can count on with Democrats, they are filled with hate and empty of facts.

But it got me to thinking. Given that these people don’t know any of Ms. Palin’s political positions, what is it about her that they hate? It has to be her life story...

- JP

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  1. Sarah Palin brings out the demons in some people and the angels in others. You can tell which direction someone is headed spiritually by how they react to Sarah Palin, whether they agree with her or not.