Friday, August 14, 2009

Who didn't see THIS coming?

It is in the nature of the Leftist, when engaged in political debate, to fall back on irrational argument once he or she has exhausted the rational. So weak is the power of the rational liberal argument that it doesn't require much time to elapse before this fallback occurs.

Case in point: the debate over health care. After former Governor Sarah Palin posted a series of well-stated and flawlessly-documented arguments against ObamaCare, leftists found themselves defeated by her in the arena of ideas. Unable to accept this turn of events, the leftists went through their usual stage of denial, and then came back with an irrational argument. Palin's arguments were made so well that the Left can't accept that they are indeed hers.

We knew this would happen. Leftists are, among other things, predictable. Our friend Bill at Governor Palin 2012 was one of those who posted about it:
"Of course, it's only a matter of time before someone claims that she isn't writing those notes because she isn't smart enough to do so."
Someone already has. The unhinged smear site Gawker has been bashing Governor Palin for the better part of a year. One of the nasty web site's more deranged bloggers, who goes by the handle of "The Cajun Boy" posted this just hours prior to Bill's warning:
"...the note is obviously meticulously researched and footnoted, appears to be entirely grammatically correct (It even contains semicolons!), presents rather cogent arguments in a reasoned attempt to persuade, and on the whole is written articulately."
That's Leftist denial at work. The liberal mind simply cannot break free of the memes it has absorbed from all of those Democrat talking points to understand what is rather simple logic. Sarah Palin writes well because she has a Journalism degree. What she writes is grammatically correct because college English is one of the basic requirements for any college degree. The basics of English grammar are, of course, learned well before one gets to the college level. But in college, and even for journalism majors, there are required courses one must pass which make one perform research and list sources. We know these things because we have journalism degrees of our own. Even those pursuing the BA must take courses in science and write well-documented research reports and term papers.

Sarah Palin is the daughter of two school teachers, yet liberals still can't accept that she can use grammar and punctuation when she writes. Unable to handle the rational, the leftist mind retreats into irrationality. It begins to invent explanations that fit its memes. In The Cajun Boy's case, the process must go something like this:
"Obviously Sarah's school teacher parents cared not one whit about how well she was mastering her school lessons and let her slide. She was just a dumb jock, and the school let her slide also. That degree from The University of Idaho isn't worth the paper it is written on. They hand them out to anyone who asks. She must have paid someone to write her term papers for her..."
And the ramblings of the irrational mind continue until satisfied that it has made up a sufficient number of unproven explanations to justify the meme. The meme is that Sarah Palin is stupid. Liberals will never stop believing so, and in the face of rational argument to the contrary, they will deny, ignore and change the subject as needed.

As an aside, we visited The Cajun Boy's personal blog, where one of the many words he uses to describe himself is "scholar." TCB doesn't elaborate on what level of education he attained, but he does list his occupation as "conductor of the times square to grand central shuttle train." Yeah, we're sure they require college degrees for that job. That's a direct quote by the way. The use of all lowercase letters may be trendy in Leftist World, but in school, where you have to pass courses, show your work and stuff, "Times Square" rates a couple of uppercase letters, as does any other famous landmark. We're pretty sure "Grand Central" does also, even if you omit the "Station." Yet this is from the snarky hypocrite who commented that the punctuation and grammar used in Sarah Palin's Facebook posts were proper, therefore she could not used them.

We would be willing to bet some real money that The Cajun Boy who found a new home in New York City has not taken many courses in logic. Behold this gem of reasoning:
"Now, let's just stop there because it doesn't even really take a careful examination of the entire note to deduce that it simply could not have been written by Sarah Palin, which leads one to pretty much dismiss all of the points it attempts to make."
So in the leftist mind, an argument becomes invalid if it the assumption is made that it may have been written, or at least partially written, by a person or persons other than the credited author. Don't anyone tell the professors for whom we toiled as research assistants in grad school. And don't tell President Obama's speech writers.

This is the kind of silliness those infected with Palin Derangement Syndrome reduce themselves to. We're not outraged -- just bemused. The loony left followed these same patterns back in Ronald Reagan's day. He was another person the liberals could allow themselves to see only as stupid. Curious how well he worked out for the people of the United States and the millions in Eastern Europe he helped to free from Leftist oppression in its most extreme form. Ah, but the Left will continue to underestimate Sarah Palin, just as they underestimated Reagan. In the latter's case it worked out quite well for him strategically, as Reagan rode liberals' underestimation into two terms in the White House. We see no reason why it cannot work just as well for Sarah Palin.

- JP


  1. I think it's only fair to encourage people to become imaginative (deranged) of possible things or spins to come. That's part of their inherent right. My problem for the Left's impoverished mentality is this:

    Assume that it's not the Real Palin. Then, THE PRESIDENT, THROUGH HIS SEC. GIBBS, HAS IDIOTICALLY MADE A GREAT INJUSTICE TO A CERTAIN CITIZEN PALIN by humiliating and falsely accusing her (and in the process destroy the last vestige of honor she might have left after the continuing MSM personal attacks). And ironically, the real "criminal" (the real owner or writer of that FB account) out there laughing out loud, knowing that he has funked the highest elected Official of the Land and his minions before the eyes of the American people.


    What does it mean for the Right?

    Hurray! Immediate removal of Obama from office, then? That will be the happiest day in America coz:

    THE FUNNIEST, MOST LAUGHABLE PRESIDENT, THE GAFFEISTIC BIDEN, WILL ASCEND TO POWER. At least we'll have a daily dose of VP Biden's funniest moments.

  2. Good post JP. They are so much at wit's end they've lost their taste for logic. I laughed when I read the statement that because the Governor did not write the Facebook posts they should be ignored. So doesn't that mean the writer thinks that when the Governor speaks or writes the points she makes should be considered?