Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Waiting for the bombardier or someone like him (Updated)

Dan Riehl is about to drop a bomb. He dropped a leaflet yesterday to announce it:
"I anticipate breaking a significant story as a blog exclusive in due course. And, yes, I suspect many of you will be pleased."
What's it all about? Most of us can only speculate. But there are a couple of clues. As one of Riehl Wold Views' comments disclosed:
"Here's a hint: the story was never about a nonentity named Jessie Griffin. He is just a tool, a very vain tool. Or perhaps a conduit. Or even better, a belching spillpipe of toxic rumors. But the story is not about the spillpipe...it's about the sewage factory up yonder."
And as Robert Stacy McCain explained:
"As for the 'vindication' that Jesse Griffin said he awaits with 'every confidence' -- if Dan Riehl tells you he's about to put the eight ball in the corner pocket, you probably don't want to bet against him."
Will the Riehl bomb be a bunker buster or just a 500-pounder? A lot of folks are watching Riehl Space to find out. As for us, we hope that Dan goes all Discover-The-Networks on the "sewage factory up yonder."

Dan reports that he's at the IP now. We should hear from him is "Bombs away!" soon.

An aside: If you caught the obscure Firesign Theater reference in the post's title, you're going to be okay and ready to play "Beat the Reaper!" (That's ObamaCare made fun for the entire family)

Update 1: "Bomb bay doors open..."

Update 2: Bombs away!

Update 3: Preliminary BDA from RS McCain here.

Update 4: Folow-up from Dan here and Stacy here.

- JP


  1. Send for Barnes Wallis. What we need is a bouncing bomb just so that the moment can be savoured:


  2. Hopefully it will be a takedown of the entire anti-Palin operation up there, which would also have fallout in the lower 48, and probably all the way to DC. We all have suspected that the operation was directed from Axelrod. I may be over optimistic, but I can hope.

  3. Josh, thanks for the shout-out on my post over at RWV. I'm engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the PDSers in Comments, but I'm having fun scorching their Gaia-goddess earth. ~DanO

  4. Hey Josh, here's a fun movie clip a Texan can appreciate, in theme with "Major Dan Riehl Kong's" imminent bomb run over Alaska:


  5. Slim Pickens, LOL!

    He was great in "1941" too.

    "Well let me tell you something, Mr. Heinie Kraut, I fought your kind in the great war, and we kicked the living ____ out of you!"

    - JP