Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ace: Sarah Palin shines while lessers decline

Ace posted Gov. Palin's full statement on the Tiller and Long shootings and adds:
As of 3:15pm EDT there's still no statement on the White House website about the death of a US soldier by a Muslim terrorist. Contrast that to the rapidity with which the Obama administration had something to say about the Tiller murder.

There's nothing on Andrew Sullivan's website nor did Keith Olbermann manage to take a second away from blaming Fox for Tiller's death to mention Private Long or Private Ezeagwula.

I guess we know what their priorities are.
And hers.

h/t: theblogprof

- JP

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  1. As of this morning (Wednesday) there is still nothing on Google Alerts in the way of MSM attention to Gov. Palin's statement on Pvt. Long. The only media attention is an article in the Anchorage Daily News, and the London Telegraph. Funny how a foreign newspaper picks it up, but none (other than the ADN) here in the US picks it up. Still nothing from the white house either. I know the MSM won't pick it up because it will mean that they would also have to report 0bama's lack of a response, and that just won't do. Besides, the MSM would be giving the Pvt. Long story national attention, something they don't want to do.