Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jeffrey Jena schools Creepy Dave

In a great post on Big Hollywood, Jeffrey Jena 'splains it to Letterman:
A comic needs to be an equal opportunity offender. We can’t pick sides in politics. We can have a point of view and a favorite but being a comic means when our guy drops the ball, you have to pick it up and smash it in his face. My friend and political opposite, Will Durst, said this a few years back about Mort Saul (I am paraphrasing here), "You can’t sit down to dinner with the Reagan’s and then pretend you’re still willing to sling mud at them."

That is what is wrong with comedians like Letterman, Garofalo, and Stewart. They only see one side. Why do none of them at least give love taps to Obama? Why didn’t at least one of them make some comedic hay out of Obama gaffs like "57 states" and a reference to speaking "Austrian?"

The guy is the President and he can’t shake his mother-in-law and you can’t find a joke in that? Not one of these comics can come up with one joke about Obama like, "Since Michelle Obama’s mother is living in the White House, does that mean it is qualified as section 8 housing?" Or, "Did you ever notice that President Obama is like a televangelist, no matter how much money you send him, he still asks for more?"
In short, comics who have no intellectual honesty are simply hacks, and that's what Creepy Dave has become. Partisan politics have become more important to him than practicing his art. No wonder the guy hasn't been funny in decades.

Jena concludes with a list of "The top ten reasons it sucks to be David Letterman." My fave is number four, "Once his stalker got to know him she started following Leno around." I don't care who y'are, that there is funny.

- JP

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