Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 346

“Fire” Edition

Mark America:
“Sarah Palin seems intent upon taking up the fight against the entrenched establishment with a vigor that no other prospect of national political prominence is willing to do. This facet of Governor Palin’s attitude is what Americans have been hoping to see from any of the other presidential prospects in the GOP. Instead, what they’ve seen is an increasingly invisible and tepid lot of weakly-mumbled remarks in lukewarm defense of the Tea Party, and conservatism. This is the most significant distinction between Sarah Palin’s electability and that of the other Republican candidates: Governor Palin has the unique capability to energize crowds, move people to rally with her, and focus their combined strength on virtually any cultural and political issue. Combined with her commitment to firmly held principles, what the fire in her belly provides is the one thing the GOP needs in a candidate, perhaps more desperately than any other trait: Sarah Palin has the unrepentant will to stand up and join in the fight... Like so many of us, as a parent, and nowadays, a grandparent, she has a deep personal investment in the future of the country, and it resounds in the tone of her voice as she tells her audience that we can’t afford any more of Obama’s disastrous economic policies. She isn’t just spouting talking points. She means it.”
Robert Wiles, at US for Palin:
“As I have always kept an eye on Sarah, for she is the one I believe in when we are talking about 2012, I watch her appearances at social events, gatherings, interviews on TV and I see … I see YOU America.”
Taylor Wolken, at The Battalion:
“Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords returned to Washington, D.C. Monday, seven months after her tragic attack to cast her vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Her timing couldn't be better to unveil the absolutely relentless hypocrisy of left-wing media and politics... Sarah Palin was criticized relentlessly over a map depicting crosshairs over vulnerable Democrats, similar to the DNC's use of targets on Republicans. Most heinously, Giffords' attacker, Jared Loughner, was assumed by the media to be a right-wing nut job aligned with the tea party, of which only the nut job part was true. A favorite of the left, Paul Krugman crooned in The New York Times, ‘You could see, just by watching the crowds at the McCain-Palin rallies, that it was ready to happen again.’ ... It's hard to miss the irony when Giffords returned to the house, left-wingers and Democrats who refuse to use the term, ‘War on Terror,’ ‘terrorist,’ or ‘jihadist,’ to describe ‘enemy combatants,’ are using all those terms to describe the tea party congress members and their role in the debt ceiling debate... Heated rhetoric I can stand; hypocrisy, I cannot.”
Bungalow Bill, at BBCW:
“Is Sarah Palin Vs. Barack Obama the Ronald Reagan vs. Jimmy Carter of This Generation?”
Billy Hallowell, at TheBlaze:
“If you haven’t heard yet, let us be the first to inform you: President Obama is planning to set out on a Sarah Palin-esque bus tour throughout the Midwest. The purpose? To invigorate political support in some key, battleground states. A rare spectacle for a sitting president to undertake, the tour is set for the week of August 15 and will be run by the White House — not the president’s 2012 re-election campaign. Still, many of the themes being addressed will most certainly play a key role in the American public’s decision to either grant Obama a second term or send him back to Chicago.”
Fox Nation:
“Obama Copies Palin, Plans Bus Tour”
Stacy Drake, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Rachel Weiner, a writer for the Washington Post’s The Fix, posted a very disingenuous piece on Wednesday claiming that Governor Palin had somehow ‘disappeared’ from the debt debate. To suggest such a thing indicates that Weiner hasn’t been paying much attention to what the governor has had (on many occasions) to say bout the matter... Unlike Romney, Governor Palin has been giving her opinion about the debt debate since it became an issue in the realm of politics. Well before the debate had wall-to-wall coverage on the 24-hour news cycles, she spoke about the matter. She’s also remained consistent throughout the debate in her position. Something else Romney would have a hard time doing, on any issue.”
Christian Heinze, at The Hill's GOP 12 Blog:
“Romney leads in Vermont, but... Look at Palin. She's tied for second, and has the highest fav ratings of any.”
Thomas Costello , at International Business Times:
“It is the first real shot from Palin at a potential GOP candidate, a shot that will hurt Romney but will also excite Palin's fans that she could be nearer to a decision about running for the GOP candidacy... Her words on Fox news have given her supporters and political commentators reason to believe that she may be ready to announce her nomination for the GOP candidacy. Although Palin has said that she is still undecided whether she will run for Presidency, she has acknowledged that she will need to [decide] soon for legal reasons.”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“Just as Ed Rollins’ recent outbursts about Sarah Palin prompted some to speculate Michele Bachmann should dump him from her campaign, there is surely an argument that Huntsman could now reignite his campaign — and demonstrate leadership — by dumping Weaver.”
Matthew Vadum, at The American Spectator's AmSpec blog:
“Unless you think petitioning the government for lower spending is somehow akin to flying airplanes into buildings, you've got to agree with Sarah Palin​, who on this issue is a voice of sanity and common sense. As President Obama​ and his merry band of Marxists continue driving America off a cliff, Palin (and columnist Charles Krauthammer​) have been pushing back hard against the liberal talking point that Tea Party supporters are terrorists... Of course Palin, who has bigger cojones than most Republicans in Congress, is right.”
Daniel Greenfield, at Sultan Knish:
“The average American did not believe that Sarah Palin's map or talk radio caused a shooting in Arizona. But some on the right did believe it and and began seeking penance for a crime that no one outside the left believed they were guilty of.”
Tracey Porreca, at Alaskans4Palin:
“The film accomplishes what should have been done by the McCain camp in 2008 with the announcement of Governor Palin as his Vice Presidential pick - it details her record, accomplishments, and Alaska girl guts... What the film does well is galvanize Governor Palin’s conservative principles with the viewer. The film outlines how these principles have not changed with any office she has held. She has a proven track record here in the state with her staunch conservative views, yet also has always been able to ‘reach across the aisle’ and garner bipartisan support. There will certainly be some in the established Alaskan GOP who likely will not be fans of this film. Using Governor Palin’s book Going Rogue as a guide, the film calls out her political opponents on both sides of the aisle regarding the antics that stymied the State.”
Elizabeth Hawkes, at Youth for Palin:
“Rob Cunningham, founder of Volunteering4Palin, was recently interviewed by Dallas, TX, based KJM Radio, where he powerfully captures the absolute essence of ‘The Undefeated.’... Please, do yourself a favor; listen to this inspirational and educational interview - and then share this with absolutely everyone.”
Mark America:
“Compromise offers a potential good, when that’s what it is, but when it’s mere surrender dressed up as ‘pragmatism,’ you had better stand opposed to it. In this entire miserable battle, only one politician of national prominence continued to rail against these so-called ‘compromises’, and she was berated by Republican operatives and leftists in the media for her trouble. She warned and cajoled and prompted and yet, at the end of the day, they ignored her, and you. Sarah Palin stood in as William Wallace in this debate, and the turncoats in the GOP did their level best to deliver her to Edward the Longshanks. The good news is that we and she survived the engagement, but a new battle is looming. Don’t leave her on the field as she’s the only prospective presidential candidate who’s stepped onto the field without reservation. She’s defended your honor and your good name. It’s time to return the favor. It’s time to begin to rally to those who dare to put their names at risk, because such people are few, and we know who they are, so if we believe in all that we claim, it’s long past time that we at least stand up to say so.”
Exit Quote - George Orwell, via the George Orwell Centenary:
“So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don't even know that fire is hot.”
- JP

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