Sunday, August 21, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 357

“Silent Running” Edition

Mark America:
“Sarah Palin. She’s a true patriot, and a real conservative. It’s not a campaign suit she puts on for the crowds, changing it daily for the sake of a particular audience. This makes for a consistency that has no real rival... This kind of principled consistency is born of knowing what you believe, and why you believe it. She’s a diligent student of issues great and small, and quickly masters new subjects as they arise... Mrs. Palin also knows how to capture and hold the attention of people, and it’s an open secret about her success: She actually listens. This connects her to any audience... Unlike others, she doesn’t see a mass of people as one moving organism, but instead sees people on the personal scale of the individuals who comprise it. The temptation for most politicians is to see the crowd, and become consumed by the size of the forest while overlooking its trees. That’s part of the problem in our government too, and her ability to narrow her attention is as precious as it is rare. This is how a politician must connect with a country: One heart, and one mind at a time.”
Kathryn Jean Lopez, at NRO's The Corner:
“Doggonit, Sarah Palin May Very Well be Jumping In”
Amanda Coyne, at Alaska Dispatch:
“I can’t imagine a better race than Palin versus Obama. Both have such opposite views of the world, borne out of such different upbringings and experiences. Both are perfect representatives of the factions that have been tearing apart the country, factions that I think have as much to do with geography as ideology. A race between the two will, perhaps for the first time, provide a full public airing of those factions' respective grievances. And both will bring all of their respective star power to the race. You can say the latter will degrade the process, blah, blah. I say that it will attract the widest audience possible. That is, if she gets in and if she wins the primary. My hunch, for what it’s worth, is that she’ll run, and if she runs, she has a good chance of winning the primary. I’m not a professional pundit, but I’ve been watching and covering her since she ran for governor in 2006. She’s now doing exactly what she did then: rolling around in the grassroots, giving the proverbial finger to the mainstream in her party, smiling all the way. And she's doing it well.”
Peter Grier, at the left-leaning Christian Science Monitor:
“Just look at her recent video. If it’s a campaign commercial, it’s a good one.”
John Scotus, at The Tree of Mamre:
“Sarah Palin has been in the trenches and has endured great sacrifices for her beliefs and who she represents -– the average American who wants common sense restored to our country. If someone has a serious point of disagreement, let them speak. However, people who would turn on her because she is not the demagogue they want her to be are pathetic and unworthy of the political process and of candidates such as her. They need to get with the program and stop being Mugwumps.”
Phineas, at Sister Toldjah:
“Sure, she’s not running. Yep. You betcha... But, that very, very slick video does not look to me like something put out by someone who is not running for higher office.”
JadedByPolitics, at Unified Patriots:
“Former Governor Sarah Palin is a wonderful example of conservatism. She worked her fingers to the bone for TEA Party candidates in 2010 and she will bring a fresh perspective to the race. For all those who ‘encourage’ her not to run, I say, do not think your write-ups will affect her decision. She is me, a woman, a conservative, a mother, a wife and proud American citizen... Sarah brings a special kind of energy to the Republican Party as she dismisses the Political Class of BOTH parties. I know she will do what is right for America, before she would consider what is right for her. Well Of Course Sarah Palin Needs A Bigger Venue, Does Anyone Remember 2008? I Do...”
Left Bank of the Charles:
“Sarah Palin has not yet announced her candidacy with a nationwide bus tour and a series of YouTube videos... She has quite a receptive audience with 3,227,212 followers on Facebook and 636,696 on Twitter.”
Sharmajee, at Pumas 4 Palin:
“It’s been our belief at this blog, despite what the pundits and calendar watchers insist, that time is on Sarah Palin’s side. That it’s too early to toss the hat into the ring. But, here comes September and the school season. Governor Palin has something slated for the 3rd day of September, what is it? ... At the end of that YouTube clip, What’s that Mama Grizzly saying? Could it be the Governor will announce some sort of move? Formation of a committee. A National Unity Forum, A Steering Committee. Or, egad, will she announce she is running! ... Go Sarah, Go!”
Traction Control:
Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
Ceteris parabus, fortis fortuit brava... That’s Latin for, ‘All other things being equal, fortune favors the strong.’ Never in the pantheon of American politics has there been quite so unjustly vilified or viciously set-upon a heroine as Sarah Palin... Yet there she stands; strong, vibrant even, and smiling, always smiling. Unfazed by the very worst that the immoral, soulless Liberal Left and terrified RINO Right could hurl at her with the all-too-willing aid of a complicit lapdog media. Even absent her amazing record in Alaska as Governor, this remarkable woman is strength personified... Which brings us to September 3, 2011 in Indianola Iowa, which will mark the three-year anniversary of her... having spoken at the Republican National Convention... Best estimates so far are that scores... of buses of avid Palin supporters from all across America have already made plans to be there... I don’t believe Sarah has it in her to allow all these people to travel all this distance only to be disappointed.”
Brian, at Freedom's Lighthouse:
“I have really not felt like Sarah Palin was going to run for President this go around. Until now.”
Rob, at Joshuapundit:
“Governor Sarah Palin's event scheduled in Iowa for September 3rd has had to be moved to a larger venue to accomodate the anticipated crowds. The decision was made after she attracted huge crowds in her surprise show up at the Iowa State Fair... I predicted a long time ago that if she ran, the Governor would lay back and wait for the other players to flame out and get in sometime in August or September. This video, put out by SarahPac certainly looks like a candidate in waiting to me... I certainly don't know Governor Palin's plans, but I do know this much... if she does get into the race not only will she win the nomination handily, but the election. And make a superb president in the bargain.”
“Kinda sounds like she's running in this new ad.”
Patrick S. Adams, at Patrick's World USA:
“Governor Palin, would you mind if we ask you to help us out with something? ... You are the voice for millions of Americans who once lost hope and faith in the American dream prior to your selection as John McCain's VP... We have a historic opportunity to elect America's first female president and bring back the aura of Reagan to the White House and the national stage. Watching Americans go back to work again as we ramp up energy production, reduce regulations and reform our taxation and entitlement policies is not just a ‘whew, we finally got rid of him’ moment. It will be a time again in history that will give us chills of patriotic pride and bring tears of joy to our eyes. That's what its supposed to feel like to be American. Governor... What can we do to convince a free spirited, snow machine ridin', caribou huntin' wife and mother to give us her servant's heart for the eight years necessary to restore our nation to greatness? We in turn are ready to give you our hearts and stand up for you and support you every step of the way.”
Exit Quote - Burt Lancaster, as Lt. Jim Bledsoe, in “Run Silent Run Deep”:
“Let no one here, no one aboard this boat, ever say we didn't have a captain.”
- JP

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