Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 352

“Promised Land” Edition

Jay Valentine, at American Thinker:
“The Rick Perry interest today is instructive in how gullible non-conservatives are for anyone who seems, well, conservative. These moderates hate conservatives -- see how they attack Sarah Palin even when she is not a candidate. Yet they pant ravenously about a new, clean, successful ‘conservative’ like Perry, who is anything but a conservative, to lead them to the Promised Land... Moderates who are now championing the need for a ‘conservative’ like Perry are the same ones who tell us Sarah Palin cannot win. They tell us Michele Bachmann is a nutcase. Palin and Bachmann cannot win because, well, they are really conservative -- out of the mainstream. Doesn't make sense, does it? Perry is their kind of conservative, a moderate's conservative.”
David Brody, at CBN:
“Bachmann, Perry Shake Up GOP 2012 Field... Both candidates appeal to evangelical voters, but if former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin gets in the race -- that could change everything.”
Don Warrington, at Positive Infinity:
“The results of a Rick Perry presidency would not be as ‘pure’ as a Michele Bachmann one, but they would be more sure to come to fruition. So which one to choose? It depends upon how you look at our present situation. If you want to go for a restoration of whatever conservative ideal is in your mind, then Michele Bachmann is the one for you. If you’re looking for more expedient results and pain for conservatism’s political enemies, Rick Perry is more likely to deliver. In late Roman Republic terms, a Bachmann vs. Perry comparison would be a Brutus vs. a Julius Caesar; in late Empire terms, a Gratian vs. a Constantine. I’m also inclined to think that Perry, as these differences become apparent, will cut more into Mitt Romney’s camp than Bachmann’s. But all bets are off if Sarah Palin gets into the race, because she in some ways combines the attributes of both.”
Anne Leary,via Twitter:
“Romney and Perry already going at it. @SarahPalinUSA last man standing? :)”
Allahpundit, at Hot Air:
“Palin has been vastly better about chatting with non-Fox media in unscripted settings since she started her bus tour. From what I hear, she did at least an hour of free-fire Q&A with hordes of press last week while walking around the fairgrounds. Bachmann, meanwhile, has lately been so carefully choreographed that she wouldn’t mingle at the Republican dinner last night in her own hometown... It’s shocking to me that, in her own backyard, in a state that famously prizes face-to-face contact with the candidates, Bachmann would hole up in her bus until she’s called to the stage rather than press the flesh with Iowans. (Perry took full advantage by working the room in her absence.) She kept fairgoers waiting half an hour for her speech on Friday too — and then spoke for just two and a half minutes before rushing away. And this isn’t the first time she’s disappointed an otherwise excited audience.”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“It’s hard to believe the media narrative about Palin ever could change. But it could change among the less crazed. MSNBC always will be foaming at the mouth, but others would have a hard time keeping up the hate.”
Ken Blackwell, at National Review Online:
“The GOP presidential field is dynamic, but the list of serious contenders is starting to firm up. Michele Bachmann has moved into the first tier of candidates, joining Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. Tim Pawlenty has dropped out of the race, and it is becoming clear that Sarah Palin will be the base-driver-in-chief in 2012. Any candidate who tries to run a general-election campaign prematurely will not be the GOP standard bearer in the fall of 2012... The resurgence of constitutional conservatism is real. The candidate who is best at uniting Republicans under this banner will be best positioned to unite all Americans and put us back on a path of moral clarity and prosperity.”
James Pethokoukis, in reply to Sissy Willis via Twitter:
“Perhaps a storm is about to sweep down from the Far North!”
The Editors, of the Wall Street Journal:
“The emergence of Mr. Perry and Mrs. Bachmann is nonetheless more evidence that GOP voters continue to have doubts about their candidates. Mitt Romney is a weak front-runner who has money and campaign experience and looks Presidential. But he gives little evidence that he has convictions beyond faith in his own technocratic expertise. Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman is likewise running on his resume more than a philosophy of government. We would have thought that John McCain proved you can't beat Mr. Obama on biography. Republicans and independents are desperate to find a candidate who can appeal across the party's disparate factions and offer a vision of how to constrain a runaway government and revive America's once-great private economy. If the current field isn't up to that, perhaps someone still off the field will step in and run. Now would be the time.”
Pistol Pete, at PoliNation:
“Sarah Palin Makes Jake Tapper Wait For Heifer... The heifer’s probably a better conversationalist...”
Kathleen, at Hillbuzz:
“Maybe it was Sarah Palin’s first One Nation Bus Tour back in May, or her bus tour stop at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday (same day as the Iowa Straw Poll). More likely, it was the media frenzy accompanying Sarah’s every move and hanging on her every word during these family outings. For whatever reason, Teh Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama, who is a Marxist spendthrift but totally not a Muslim, decided to get out of the swamp that is D.C. in August (and away from his newly announced historically low 39% approval rating). And he’s doing it in a style befitting someone who is ‘kind of like a god.’ In two spankin’ new ‘totally not campaign buses’ costing the American taxpayer $1.1 million. Not a campaign trip? Really? Even CBS News admits it.”
Marcus Carey, at BluegrassBulletin.com:
“Accosted relentlessly by the press at the Iowa State Fair, when asked about the blame being cast upon the TEA party, Sarah Palin comes quickly to its defense...”
Bill Hughes, at New Jersey for Sarah Palin:
“Even among her fellow GOP rivals for the 2012 nomination, Palin stands virtually alone. Sarah Palin's Alaska (not the television show) was the only state that actually reduced state liabilities. Perry's Texas, Huntsman's Utah and Romney's Massachusetts all saw increases. In addition, Palin also bests the entire GOP field (that is those who actually have executive experience) by leading on economic growth. Alaska's economy grew 2.79% faster than the nation at large during her tenure. Hunstman's Utah grew 2.29% faster, Perry's Texas grew 1.17% faster and Romney's Massachusetts grew 1.86% slower than the nation at large. After Palin's tenure in Alaska, the state's credit rating was RAISED by Moody's from AA1 to AAA as a direct result of Palin's financial stewardship. By contrast, Barrack Obama's glorious management of our nation's fiscal health has resulted in the very first downgrade of the nation's credit from the esteemed AAA rating to an AA+ by S&P. (Something which Palin had been warning about for some time by the way!) Oh, but it's all George W. Bush's fault, right?”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Sarah Palin Wore (Gasp) Polka-Dot Painted Toenails!… Next thing you know she will be wearing white after Labor Day, Oh the horror!
Brian O'Connor, at Red Dog Report:
“We still do not know whether or not she’s running for president, but Sarah Palin is sure having one heck of a summer vacation. The former Governor stopped by the homes of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln... Sarah Palin may or may not have made a decision yet, but her actions sure do invoke the imagery of one who is running for president. And it sure does sound like she’s having a blast doing it.”
Exit Quote - Wendell Johnson:
“While waiting for a Moses to lead us into the promised land, we have forgotten how to walk.”
- JP

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