Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ABC News: Palin’s Saturday Speech Still On, Tea Party Founder Says

TPoA's Crowe: “We made mistakes and now we are fixing them. It’s all good.”
Sheila Marikar and Shushannah Walshe report that Tea Party of America founder Ken Crow told ABC News this morning that he had talked with Gov. Palin's people via telephone this morning and “she’ll be here on Saturday”:
“Gov. Palin is a lady of her word and impeccably honest,” he added. He admitted that the organization’s encountered “a couple of errors” in planning the Sept. 3 rally.

“I’m naive when it comes to politics and what you are supposed to say to and not say and my crew and I are rookies at this sort of thing,” he said. “We made mistakes and now we are fixing them. It’s all good.”

Multiple media outlets reported this morning that Palin had backed out of the “Restoring America” event, but still planned to be in Iowa on Saturday. The rally’s undergone a lot of upheaval this week: Failed Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell was invited to speak before Palin, then had the invitation rescinded, and on Tuesday night, “humbly re-accepted the re-invitation” to speak, according to her Twitter account.

Crow called the handling of O’Donnell a “mistake.”
Now there's the understatement of the month.

- JP

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