Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 359

“Long Train Running” Edition

Mark America:
“Governor Palin evokes passion. Her adversaries and enemies know it, too, and like her, we should take every opportunity to revel in it, because what it all reveals is what we who support her have known all along: She’s real, and she’s a true danger to the establishment. Their every response or reaction to her makes it unavoidably clear. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to begin dusting off your war-paints. I think I can hear the first echos of the call coming from away North, quietly now, but growing in the distance, like a faint rumble still… Ssshhh.. Like a train approaching from a way down the track, you can see it in the distance, you can feel its first vibrations, and you might detect just a bit of the sound of the wake it’s plowing through the air, but you don’t get much sense of its speed or inertia until it’s almost too late. Listen for it. I can almost make it out now: ‘Game on!’ In the weeks ahead, I expect the rumble to become a full-throated roar, and the naysayers will retreat a bit in awe if we let them hear it. As they pick up the pace of their hate-filled disinformation, we must answer it, loudly, and at once. That’s what it’s going to take, from each of us, who have so patiently waited, defending her as needed, but biding our time with her. The battle cry is coming, and you won’t doubt or wonder when it’s been spoken.”
Mark America:
“There’s no sense in falling prey to some well-laid Karl Rove narrative.”
CNN Political Unit, at Political Ticker:
“A statement on the website of SarahPAC said predictions about her future are ‘intended to mislead the American people.’... CNN published a story from Hamby Monday that included Palin's recent comments from Iowa, saying ‘I doubt it’ when asked if she would be ready to join the race by Labor Day... Charlie Gruschow, co-founder of the Iowa-based Tea Party of America, who is sponsoring the September event, told CNN Palin's address will be longer than a typical stump speech. ‘We were told a month ago that she will make a major statement at the event,’ Gruschow said. ‘Whether it be an announcement to run, not to run, or lay a marker in the sand for other candidates. That is what I am and was referring to.’”
Emily Miller, at The Washington Times:
“Sarah Palin is the elephant in the room of the Republican primary.”
Jeff Zeleny, at the NYT's The Caucus:
“The biggest – perhaps the only – question remaining about the size and shape of the Republican presidential field is whether Sarah Palin intends to join. The answer is not expected to come by Labor Day, but rather in the final weeks of September. A fresh batch of Palin tea leaves came Tuesday morning in a message from her political action committee, which rejected a recent suggestion by Karl Rove that she would likely enter the race by Labor Day... While the statement did not mention Mr. Rove, the Republican strategist, by name, it left no doubt that he was the subject of Ms. Palin’s ire.”
Peter Hamby, CNN political reporter:
“Setting aside the fact that pretty much no one outside of Sarah and Todd Palin truly knows her schedule - and that Palin has no actual schedule in Iowa this week - lost in the Rove buzz is the reality that he and the former Alaska governor are not exactly close.”
Shushannah Walshe, at ABC News:
“When it comes to conservative and Tea Party credentials, Perry checks most of the boxes. But critics point to a long governorship in which questions have been raised about his brushing against ethical boundaries by appointing political donors and accepting gifts, which is something that Palin has consistently made a point of fighting against. She waged her underdog campaign for governor on pledging to ‘clean up’ the Alaska state capital of Juneau. This is an issue she would surely bring up in a presidential campaign, despite their friendship.”
Amy Siskind, liberal feminist, via Sheya:
“Palin is a different type of leader at a time when the country is looking for a different type of leader.”
Mark Whittington, at Associated Content:
“Speculation about a Sarah Palin presidential run has shifted from ‘Will she?’ to ‘When will she?’ The best guess anyone has, noting her schedule and the campaign timeline, is it will happen in the month of September... taking the poker analogy into politics, Palin has been watching the behavior and fortunes of the other candidates, observing how they speak, how they deal with press coverage, and how they respond to political attacks. Thus, when she gets into the race, she will have studied the other players with the same detail of a Bret Maverick or, to use a war analogy, Sun Tzu. ”
Larry Sabato, political analyst:
“You never rule out somebody like Palin in a fractured field. And there's nothing in the rulebook that says an unconventional campaign can't work in a year like this one.”
Yos, at Si Vis Pacem:
“I’d be proud to have Sarah Palin as my President and our Commander in Chief... Can Palin win? I strongly believe so. I don’t buy (or fully trust) Dick Morris’ reasoning. His reliance on notoriously faulty poling ‘data’ smacks of naiveté, for starters... Understand who she is, and why mediacrites such as Chris Matthews and failures such as the New York Times loathe her. Palin’s objective is not entirely the office as such: It is to kill the RINO dominance of the Party. She has said that the race is beyond being about ‘me’ and about the good of the nation. She is one of the few whom I would take at their word. Further, Palin’s entry into the race will ignite and motivate a very unhappy base that stayed away during the ’08 debacle. That is why Morris wants her out...”
The Cavalier, at The Pen and the Sword:
“I can’t wait to see the next debate with Perry, Bachmann, Cain, Palin, and even that crazy Paul on stage all at once.”
Jeffrey Lord, at The American Spectator:
“This business of Sarah Palin being a conservative, according to [ former Ron Paul chief of staff Lew] Rockwell, is just a ruse. In fact, Governor Palin is really a ‘double agent’ for the ‘regime.’ From the same article as above. Oh yes… don't forget Governor Palin is quite possibly a ‘puppet’ (as seen here by Jack Hunter, now the Paul campaign's ‘official blogger’). Oh, and Mr. Mulshine, the Paulist columnist? To him Palin is ‘just another whiny liberal claiming victimization.’”
Doug Wallace, at Technorati:
“Wouldn’t that be one for the history books? President Palin and President Reagan, two controversial, conservative politicians, widely expected to lose the Presidential election, both defeating a one-term, liberal, Democrat President whose economic policies caused a humiliating loss of consumer confidence.”
John Ransom, at Townhall.com:
“If you drew a straight line between the Obama White House, Harvard and Martha’s Vineyard, you’d apparently find no real economists judging by the effluvia created through progressive economics in this country. But would it be too much to ask if we could have a few people who could just add, subtract, multiply and divide? What exactly is an Ivy League degree worth if you can’t do lower mathematics? I guess a lot less than Sarah Palin and a University of Idaho bachelor’s degree is worth... Say what you want but Palin’s career shows she knows how to divide 65 jobs into $134 million. That skill apparently is beyond the ken of the Hallowed-Halls-of-Harvard-and-Princeton crowd. But it certainly seems like a valuable skill for a president to have.”
Exit Quote - Dr. Leon Kass, in a speech to the Manhattan Institute:
“Virtually unnoticed, the train to Huxley's dehumanized Brave New World has already left the station.”
- JP

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