Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 350

“Halo” Edition

Mark America:
“The latest alleged ‘savior’ of America is Rick Perry, but once again, this is largely a manufactured sentiment of the LSM... Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is in Iowa, and... she threatens to swoop in and suck the thin political oxygen out of the GOP primary race... This approach certainly leaves the field in turmoil, left to wonder when Palin will drop the hammer and crush some of the less popular candidates. It’s an open secret among many now loosely in the Michele Bachmann camp that in some sense, while well-liked among Tea Party Republicans, she’s become a sort of place-holder for people who would prefer to support Governor Palin. This suggests that a high-stakes, well-placed announcement by Sarah Palin could very well overwhelm the latest ‘savior,’ whomever that may be. Sarah Palin’s in the cat-bird seat, and she knows it. She’ll likely jump in when she sees the best moment, likely surprising everybody, and this possibility has the remainder of the field sweating, leaving the savior of the moment wondering when his halo will evaporate too.”
Mark America:
“It seems as though more and more Texans are getting involved in supporting Sarah Palin every day.”
Peter Grier, at The Christian Science Monitor:
“Sarah Palin and her One Nation bus tour are making a surprise trip to Iowa... Pure genius. Somewhere Rick Santorum is sitting in a hotel room with his face in his hands. It’s the lagging candidates who’ll really feel the tire tracks of the bus tour... Plus, SarahPAC has posted a new one-minute Palin video that makes pretty much every other Republican contender’s commercials look underproduced... The sound track is Palin’s speech at the 2008 GOP convention. The overall impression it leaves is that Michele Bachmann is a good speaker, Michele Bachmann is a former tax attorney, Michele Bachmann is a tea party favorite, but Sarah Palin is still way better at lighting people on fire with words.”
Scott Conroy, via Twitter:
“Last Palin observation: she's clearly been studying up/anticipating questions she'd get. Was prepared like a candidate.”
Giacomo, at Godfather Politics:
“The first major Republican debate took place [Thursday] night in Iowa. Eight candidates attended and exchanges shots at each other and at Obama and Democrats. But were there any clear winners? ... perhaps the two winners of the debate were the two Republicans who did not attend and have as yet not declared their official candidacy – Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. The two not-as-yet declared possible candidates received as much attention in the media as the 8 declared candidates who did show.”
Chris Of Rights:
“Our GOP nominee will be one of Romney, Perry, or Palin, and you can bet the farm on that.”
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“Just up the road from Des Moines is Ames, where the straw poll means nothing and everything at the same time... Nothing because it has no binding value on anyone to do anything; it just gives the media something to get excited about in mid-summer. Everything because success or failure in just a few thousand PR ballot totals will catapult or doom some of the lesser-known candidacies. Palin is not participating, but she will return to Iowa over Labor Day to keynote a tea party rally and -- who knows? -- perhaps see if there's still room in the Republican nominating race for someone with executive experience like, say, a former governor with a documentary movie coming out to wider release then. Palin said she was pleased that her friend Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, was presumably entering the nomination contest [Saturday] during a speech to online conservative writers in Charleston, S.C. ‘I appreciate that he is willing to jump into this arena,’ she added. Hmmm, ‘this’ arena? Meaning the one she's in too? Without saying so?”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Sarah Palin stole the show at the Iowa State Fair...”
Cameron Joseph, at Ballot Box, The Hill's campaign blog:
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin hasn't announced her 2012 plans, but she stole the show at the Iowa State Fair on Friday. Palin and her husband, Todd, had a private lunch with supporters — including longtime Iowa fundraiser Becky Beach — on the fairgrounds, then walked over to admire the life-size ‘butter cow’ sculpture, stopping along the way to take photos with fair-goers. While many presidential candidates had already appeared on the fairgrounds Friday, she was the only one who drew such a thick throng of onlookers and supporters, along with a clutch of media coverage.”
Amanda Coyne, at Alaska Dispatch:
“August and state fairs have, in the past, been very good to Sarah Palin of Alaska.”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“While always open to the idea of one day supporting Sarah Palin for President, since 2008, I've gone back and forth on whether or not I thought it was smart for her to run next year. Re-visiting my thoughts yesterday, what with Palin's appearance in Iowa, not only am I convinced she should run, she needs to run and, regardless of one's preferred candidate, all Conservatives should encourage her to run and welcome her into the race, assuming she does... Beholden to no one, without fear, or restraint, Palin articulates today's conservatism in a prudent, positive and cogent manner... If you believe in conservatism and that it can win national elections in America, as I do, Sarah Palin's abilities to both speak out fearlessly and plainly for conservatism, while generating increased media interest in, not just herself, but the other candidates and the primary as a whole, would be of significant benefit for all on the Right.”
Tony Lee, via Twitter:
“Joe Trippi said from what he has seen on the ground, if Sarah Palin were an official candidate in Straw Poll she'd walk away with it.’”
Michael Moriarty, at Big Hollywood:
“The divine promise of the United States hasn’t been extinguished. Our homeland’s flame still burns brightly in our hearts if no longer in the torch of Our Lady In The Harbor. The Eastern Seaboard candidates of both parties seem corrupt, tarnished or not ready to run. Sarah Palin is not running as a candidate. She is walking slowly, steadily and carrying a big stick called The Truth. Many of us know the essentials of what that is but hear it most clearly from Sarah Palin. That’s the breath of fresh air we need. Clarity! And the triumphantly Lincoln-like grace of simplicity.”
Michael Anifant, at a screening of “The Undefeated” in Plainville, CT:
“Obviously, she’s not a shrinking violet.”
Smitty, at The Other McCain:
“After the next Wisconsin recall election, and after more debt crisis, Sarah reduces the risk that the Left can reconstitute itself by using hatred of her as a rallying cry. Also, while a few other GOP candidates are not necessarily bad for cover, letting the herd thin itself a bit, and letting the Left expend its energies against them, is not a bad thing. Too, part of the problem with what Progress has done to America is that people have been reduced to an infantile impatience... Sarah is showing massive amounts of patience, letting the game unfold at a medium pace. The Left is forced to recycle its talking points, excrete them, and re-consume them, enjoying the taste of its Progress all the while. And then she takes the occasional, well-aimed shot from the inexpensive high ground of her FaceBook page. While certainly a violation of the Holy Narrative, her poise and control of situation is a stark contrast from the spineless impotence of her purported superior, the incumbent. Lay by your dish, Olbermann; get stuffed, Matthews; get bent, Maddow. Ya got nothin’, and neither does BHO.”
Exit Quote - Dan McKinnon:
“Be aware that a halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose.”
- JP

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  1. Now that Governor Perry has announced, the awesome thing is that if Governor Palin does decide to run this year, we'll have two perfect candidates to choose from. I feel so good about both of them.

    THAT is what an election should be: a choice between superior leaders who share the qualities of trustworthiness, honor, faithfulness to our heritage, and ability to lead America even farther along the great path.

    My suspicion has been that Governor Palin's main work is eliciting campaigns from people like Perry, to help us re-people Washington with enough solid, truly representative leaders that lasting balance can be restored.

    If she doesn't run this time, I surely hope she will do so a little bit down the road.