Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Matt Patterson: The Dismal GOP Field

Conservatives deserve better than this field; America desperately needs better.
In a terse American Thinker blog post, conservative author Matt Patterson takes issue with those who claim that the Republicans have a fine crop of 1012 presidential candidates, and he urges Gov. Palin and others to get into the race:
Let me get this straight: The conservative presidential field includes (1) the father of a socialized medicine regime every bit as disastrous as Obamacare, but who thinks his was OK because it was at the state level, (2) a woman who, in spite of having no interest in the subject, studied tax law because her husband told her to, and (3) a man who think it's OK if Iran gets nukes.

Holy crap. Romney, Bachmann, and Paul respectively seem to have distinguished themselves primarily by displaying astonishingly poor judgment. No wonder everyone is salivating over Rick Perry, hoping and praying he is the second coming (Perry himself is leading the prayer service). He may or may not be; like most Americans, I am just getting acquainted with the Texan.

One thing's for sure, however - conservatives deserve better candidates than the current crop, or at the very least more options. So for Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin, or anyone else thinking of getting into the race, my advice is: Do it. There's room for you. There are a lot of conservative voters looking at the buffet and wishing they had ordered the fish...

- JP

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