Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 364

“Werewolves of Washington” Edition

Smitty, at The Other McCain:
“The interesting question raised by the Politico article is whether the Boomers are sufficiently enslaved by entitlements. Are they indoctrinated into beliefs about ‘rights’ to Social Security and Medicare that have become velvet handcuffs over time, so that the Boomers can be manipulated into turning against a candidate like a Perry, or a Cain, or a Santorum, who has the courage to speak the truth? I wish that ideas of liberty and American Exceptionalism were sufficiently strong to make that a silly question, but they are not. O’Rourke famously noted that 2010 was not an election; it was a restraining order. 2012, therefore, will be liberty on trial, prosecuted by a Progressive werewolf in bespoke and Gucchis. Will conservatives rally around a McCotter, or even Palin? Or will they be deceived and support Romney, whose hair is perfect?”
myiq2xu, at The Crawdad Hole:
“How terrified of Sarah is Obamanation? Have you ever seen a losing VP candidate continue to be the target of relentless attacks after the election is over?”
Chris Barron & Grover Norquist, via Red Barron:
“Palin has earned the right to run if she chooses. Despite the left’s caricature of her, Palin’s résumé more than qualifies her as a top-tier candidate. She brings almost 20 years of public service experience to the table. She has served as city council member, mayor, chairwoman of Alaska’s Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, governor and GOP vice presidential nominee. Men with no elective experience have sought the GOP nomination. In the 2012 cycle, we might see a former mayor, a former ambassador, a senator defeated by almost 20 points in his reelection bid, a sitting governor and a former one-term governor all seek the Republican nomination. Rightly, none of these men has been urged not to run — and neither should Palin. At the end of the day, we place our faith in GOP primary voters. We should trust voters in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — not the pundits or professional politicos — to begin the process of thinning the presidential timber. We don’t pretend to know what Palin will do — and can’t tell her what’s in the best interest of her and her family. We can, however, say with confidence that if she wants to run, she should. She has earned that right. A Palin candidacy would be good for the process, good for our party and good for our country.”
Charles C. Johnson, at Big Government:
“Obama reiterated that... anyone that attacked a candidate’s family would be fired. But a mere three days later, Howard W. Gutman, one of his finance committee members, attacked Sarah Palin’s parenting skills on the Laura Ingraham show... Gutman, far from fired, was appointed an inauguration trustee and was later appointed ambassador to Belgium.”
Stacy Drake, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Governor Palin was and is a fiscal conservative. She went to great lengths to get Alaska’s financial house in order, while Perry used a national handouts and gimmicks to balance his state’s budget. By doing these things, Perry didn’t solve any problems, or address why his state has budgetary shortfalls in the first place. He simply kicked the can down the road, leaving these issues for others to contend with at a later date... Perry talks a good game about fiscal responsibility, but when you sit down and read through his actual record, it doesn’t exactly match his rhetoric. If Rick Perry says one thing and does another on state level, what makes us think he wouldn’t do it nationally?”
Scott Conroy, via Twitter:
“Charlie Gruschow (Tea Party of America co-founder) confirms Christine O'Donnell will not speak at Palin rally on Sat.”
Michael Shear, at the NYT's The Caucus:
“September could be the month that the former Alaska governor finally lets the rest of us in on her secret... The guessing continues on Sept. 3, when Ms. Palin is scheduled to headline a Tea Party rally in — where else? — Des Moines. The event was originally scheduled to be at a smaller venue, but was moved last week to accommodate a bigger crowd. That prompted some speculation that she might use the event to announce her plans. But those who spend all their time speculating about her intentions think that Ms. Palin probably will wait until later in September, in part to avoid the pressure to take part in the debates next month. If Ms. Palin announces after the third debate on Sept. 22, she might upstage the rest of the field...”
Josh Greenberger, at Associated Content:
“Top Ten Signs You're as Intelligent as David Letterman... #4. You hate Sarah Palin because she's proven herself to be a smart women who can be governor of a state and write books. You, on the other hand, have proven that with nothing else but dumb luck, any monkey on a rock can run a dog and pony show.”
Peregrine, at Pesky Emotional Republican:
“I am feeling more and more that the one who could do the most for our country at this crucial time is Sarah Palin and find it sad that so many people believe either that she cannot be nominated, or that if nominated, she cannot win. Maybe because she’s a woman or maybe because she sounds too much like a housewife in Middle America, whatever the reason, many Republicans are wary of her. I think that if nominated, she could beat Obama... California lost out on an excellent possible governor when we decided not to vote for Tom McClintock whom we thought could never win…. and we all went for Arnold the Movie Star Schwarzenegger, who, as you may know, has done zip for California. McClintock would have been a driving force out of our sorry overextended mess that the Democrats put us in. Having said that, I know and understand the need for some level of charisma, which Schwarzenegger has and McClintock lacks. But Palin... has charisma plenty enough. Just sayin’……”
David Vance, at A Tangled Web:
“So, Perry streaks ahead of Romney. Good news, I think. It’s also fascinating to see Palin only 4 points behind Romney, and she is not even in the contest, yet. Furthermore, she is ahead of Bachmann.”
Emily Ekins & Joshua Swain, at Reason's Hit & Run Blog:
“Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds a 20 percent to 18 percent edge over Texas Gov. Rick Perry among Republicans and Republican-leaning voters in the latest Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey. Two potential candidates not currently in the race, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (12%) and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (8%), placed third and fourth among Republicans asked to name whom they would favor if the GOP primary were held today. They were followed by Rep. Michele Bachmann (8%), Rep. Ron Paul (7%), Herman Cain (4%), Newt Gingrich (3%), former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (2%, but no longer in the race), former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (1%), former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum (<1%), and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (<1%). Approximately 16% of Republican voters are undecided.”
Rob Port, at Say Anything Blog:
“Granted, we’re still a long way out in the nomination process, but at this point it’s looking like the only things that could disrupt Perry’s mo is a) some unforeseen revelation about his background, b) some massive campaign gaffe, or c) Sarah Palin getting in the race.”
M. Joseph Sheppard, at A Point Of View:
“Former presidential candidate and multi-millionaire publisher Steve Forbes stated that ‘Palin will run’ in a wide ranging, challenging interview on the BBC's ‘Hardtalk’. The host, Stephen Sackur... asked him pointedly if he thought that further contenders might include Sarah Palin ‘whom you have made supportive comments about in the past’... Forbes said that he thought she would enter the race, and he would make his mind up shortly as to whom he would support.”
Jeffrey Lord, at The American Spectator:
“Sarah Palin is here to stay, whether she is the next Republican president or a Cabinet officer or Senator or simply a larger than life GOP mainstay.”
F. William Houraney:
“This lady Sarah Palin is just about the best speaker that I have ever heard run for President. No teleprompters and almost no hesitation when she answers questions. Watch her next time you get a chance and notice how her delivery is direct and is always about America and not about herself. How easy it is when you are being honest and speaking from the heart, not the legal and political filter that is embedded in the American political/lawyer class of candidates. Common sense, emotion, grasp of the bottom line, spirit, and the obvious love and respect she has for America, it's history and achievements and the American people. How refreshing.”
Exit Quote - Will Kemp, Velkan in "Van Helsing":
“I think we all have to fight the werewolf within us somehow.”
- JP

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