Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 356

“Run” Edition

Shane Vander Hart, Iowa blogger, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“Ok, Sarah Palin’s Running... I am about as certain as I can possibly be with the ever unpredictable former Governor of Alaska... SarahPAC released a new video called ‘Iowa Passion.’ ... This just has the feel of a campaign commercial. With its release on heels of a spontaneous trip out to the Iowa State Fair right before the Ames Straw Poll, and with upcoming trip back to Iowa you can’t help but believe an announcement is forthcoming... Speaking of the rally on September 3rd, the venue has changed. It... is going to be held at the National Balloon Classic Field (15335 Jewell Street in Indianola, IA). Times will remain the same at 11:00a to 2:00p. You can come as early as 8:00a for a good spot. It’s a free event, and you can reserve a ticket here.”
Kate O'Hare, LA Times media critic, at Top of the Ticket:
“...if Palin isn't running for president, then she should release whomever is making her SarahPAC clips... because they're about as good as a political video gets.”
Lindsey Boerma, at National Journal's Hotline On Call:
“If Sarah Palin isn't running for president, she's doing a good imitation. On Friday afternoon, the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee posted a slickly-produced video on the website of her political action committee. It touts a Labor Day weekend appearance she's scheduled to make in Iowa, the state where the first votes of the presidential campaign will be cast early next year by caucus-goers. The video features a montage of clips from her recent visit to the Iowa State Fair, including one of Palin sounding like she's warming up for a run... The video release comes on the same day that Palin spokesman Tim Crawford confirmed to National Journal that a tea party rally where she is scheduled to speak over Labor Day has been relocated to accommodate larger crowds.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“This is Awesome! SarahPAC releases ‘Iowa Passion’ just weeks before her planned Labor Day speech.”
The Right Scoop:
“All I can say about this video is wow... I find myself completely enraptured by it... If this is a sign of what’s to come, and I believe it is, this primary fight is going to be AWESOME! ... I don’t know yet who I would cast my vote for. But I have to say that the more I learn about the candidates... the more I am leaning toward Sarah Palin. I honestly believe that she is truly one of the people, and if she were president, I have no doubt that she would fight for the us instead of lobbyists and corporate interests. She can’t be bought and she has the experience to back it up.... Sarah Palin isn’t above reproach, she isn’t perfect, and she would be held accountable like all the rest. But if she runs, and I truly hope she does, she may be the one I end up casting my vote for in 2012.”
Byron York, at the Washington Examiner's Beltway Confidential:
“Former Bush advisor Karl Rove says he believes former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will enter the Republican presidential race sometime around Labor Day.”
Shushannah Walshe, at ABC News' The Note:
“It sure looks like she’s running. Sarah Palin is continuing to make moves to suggest she will enter the presidential race, including setting her timeline for making a decision next month and now a new video released by SarahPAC highlighting her trip to Iowa last week... Palin has said she will make a decision on whether to enter the race next month... She is still seriously considering the decision, and her husband Todd is encouraging her to join the race.”
Righty64, at Right View from the Left Coast:
“Is Palin Running For President? You Betcha! ... The point is that Mrs. Palin need not follow the leader. She is the leader.”
Eric Odom, TEA Party activist, at Patriot Action Network:
“Sarah Palin Web Ad Looks Pretty Close to ‘I’m Running’ ... Just when you think Sarah Palin might not run after all, she goes and does something that throws you right back in with the ‘She’s running’ club. This ad looks like something straight out of the campaign plan to me... Not bad, Governor. Not bad at all!”
BigFurHat, at
“Palin is getting more and more polished in subtle and incremental ways.”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“I can't say Wolf's post is the dumbest thing I've ever seen at RedState. That would require hours of research I've no interest in doing. But certainly, it's up there with one of the silliest posts I've read there... Palin came out against a campaign, Chuck DeVore's, worked on by Wolf's fellow Erickson friend and RedState fan boi, Josh Trevino - a RedState flounder founder. Good heavens, what apostasy. And that means she's folded to the establishment? Seriously? These RedState guys are becoming a joke... So, Palin backed Fiorina and ... RedState backed perhaps the most establishment Republican of all - a man reviled by the actual grassroots - John McCain in his 2010 Senate re-election campaign. But, hey, they didn't fold to the establishment, or anything, did they? No, their decision was based upon analysis. Now, Palin, well, obviously her opposing RS fan boi Trevino's favorite makes her a sell-out of some kind... But that Erickson tried to pronounce the Tea Party dead in 2010, and now the bois are piling on Palin for not siding with it in a race or two is genuinely hilarious.”
M. Joseph Sheppard, at A Point of View:
“A blistering attack on RedState by the influential Dan Riehl... The idea that Palin could be viewed as being against the Tea Party is beyond ludicrous...”
Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain:
“The problem here is that Perry’s fans — and the Red State crew seems to be leading the charge — have portrayed their guy as All That and a Slice of Cheese and now seem to expect everyone else to cede the nomination to their anointed candidate... And while you wrap your mind around the idea of a Tampa apocalypse, consider this: The Sept. 3 Iowa ‘Restoring America’ rally featuring Sarah Palin has switched its site to Indianola to handle a larger crowd... Everybody who knows anything about presidential politics has already decided that Sarah Palin is not running in 2012. But has Sarah Palin decided yet?”
Adrienne Ross, at MotivationTruth:
“I listened very carefully to what Governor Palin said. From my perspective, she made it clear that as of today she is planning to run for President.”
Mark America:
“It’s a sad fact: For each dime the price of fuels rises above $2, more jobs are lost. There’s no way to escape reality. Our economy depends upon growth – all life does, and growth requires energy, but as energy becomes more costly, the less growth you will necessarily see. We have other issues too, but with each day that Obama sits at the helm, our ship of state wanders farther off course. We need a steady hand at the wheel, one who knows about energy production, and how to create the conditions in which energy production is boosted, and not hampered by regulations. That leader also needs to hold energy giants’ feet to the fire, preventing them from squatting endlessly on resources the market demands. There is only one potential candidate in the country who has done this. Don’t let the propagandists lead you astray: What’s doing more to keep our economy in decline and hamper growth or recovery is the big government regulations and myriad obstacles Obama has placed in its way. If you want to make a substantial change, you’re going to need to strip from him the power to obstruct you, and put in his place a President who understands the critical importance of energy to our economy. We need an ‘Energy President’, and that can only be Sarah Palin.”
Exit Quote - Ronald Reagan, via Facebook:
“Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.”
- JP

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