Sunday, August 28, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 363

“Changing Minds” Edition

Ed Ross, at
“How many times have you heard someone say, ‘I like Sarah Palin, but I could never vote for her for president?’ If Gov. Palin jumps into the presidential race next month as most now expect, how can she change the minds of enough people who think this way to win the Republican Party’s nomination and, if so, the general election? ... While it’s clear that many minds can be changed, whether they will or not depends how Palin and her campaign go about it. Many factors will determine the outcome of a Palin presidential campaign. Nevertheless, I believe there are enough people out there whose minds are swayable about Palin for her to win the nomination and the general election; but there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for doing that. Like all presidential campaigns, Palin will have to navigate the electorate skillfully. The sooner she sets about doing that the more successful she is likely to be.”
Mark America:
“I think it’s fair to say with all the media hammering home the idea that Palin can’t win, or worse, dropping the hint that she’ll endorse some other candidate, it’s fairly obvious what their intention must be: They want to deter her from a presidential candidacy, and the only possible reason is because they fear she can win it.”
Mark America:
“If we admit that there is a path for Palin to the nomination, then the question of her electability suddenly loses its punch. This is because the electorate will find itself faced with the probability of a continuing stagnation or decline, and the prospect of choosing between a Sarah Palin presidency and that of another four years of what has been a largely failed presidency. Under continued or increasing economic duress, you might well expect the former Alaska governor to begin knocking down questions of her suitability for office, and general election voters, considering their available alternatives to begin to agree. More, Palin has matured as a national figure, and has made herself much more familiar with the intricacies of issues of national import on a level of detail many candidates simply don’t possess. In all probability, it would ride in large measure on her performance in Presidential debates late in 2012. If she substantially holds her own, or is viewed even marginally as the victor, it’s very likely that she would find herself victorious in November.”
Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“Governor Palin’s path to the helm of America’s political ship of state is littered with the metaphorical carcasses of those who badly misjudged or underestimated her. That Frank Luntz has decided to prostrate himself amongst those fallen is truly unfortunate. In one ill-conceived screed, he has gone from ‘Frank Luntz’ to ‘less-than-frank dunce.’”
Jim Funkhouser, at Tea Party Tribune:
“In the past the Republican option has been that we will grow government a little slower, while the Democrat option has been that we accelerate until the passengers become frightened. We never reverse, and that is why we now stand at the brink of disaster. Will it be different this time? I’m hopeful, but it will require us to do something that most people are loathe to do; it will require us to put the country ahead of personal interest... Give the Constitution another try. It’s the least we can do for the children, born and yet to be born, who are going to pay for the extra-legal federal ponzi scheme. So now we have a Tea Party, and maybe with that a glimmer of hope. It will require courage when they call us racists, and it will require resolve when they ridicule our leaders. And if you thought you were actually going to get through an article of mine without a Sarah P. mention you were wrong. There’s a reason why she draws most of the establishment flak, she’s directly over the target, and she’s the only real choice that I can see.”
Robert Wiles, at US for Palin:
“We conservative/Republicans have been attacked relentlessly... Sarah Palin comes along and takes all the heat for us, takes all the scorn for us and yet many of us can’t even trust her or have faith in her to watch and see what she will do.”
Jennifer Jacobs, at the Des Moines Register:
“If Palin is now holding back to see whether the buzz over Texas’ Rick Perry and Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann peters out before judging whether there’s an opening for her, it’s a smart move, several Iowans said. ‘I think it was probably a good strategy to wait,’ said Susan Geddes, 48, a former Tim Pawlenty backer who is helping organize the tea party rally. ‘I think she could be viable.’ Strategists here said she’s an attractive candidate for many reasons: big name, big charisma, big self-confidence, instant media access, loyal base, socially conservative, tea party sympathizer — and she strikes fear in the hearts of other Republicans, who don’t want to be attacked by her. ‘She is a folk hero,” said longtime Iowa GOP operative Doug Gross. ‘People are intensely interested in her. She gives voice to a part of the party that feels voiceless — the economically stressed and culturally out of place.’”
Jennifer Jacobs, at the Des Moines Register:
“Eight reasons why Palin should run. Eight reasons why she shouldn’t...”
Mel Maguire, at Gay Conservative:
“When Sarah Palin made mention of partying ‘like it’s 1773,’ it was as if liberals had ESP. I heard their screeching before I ever saw footage of her comment. When some educated soul pointed out that the original tea party protest took place on December 16, 1773 (the dumping of tea into Boston Harbor to protest taxation without representation), liberals still refused to let it go. I STILL hear liberals bitching about that comment, and it’s almost heart-warming to see the dejection on their faces when I point out what happened in 1773.”
John Hitchcock, at Truth Before Dishonor:
“I suggest Sarah Palin and Rick Perry are both better qualified to create an atmosphere where jobs can be created than either George W Bush or Barack Obama...”
William Browning, Obama/McCaskill supporter, at Associated Content:
“Palin will deliver a huge speech in a week. It’s a weekend normally seen as the last festive time at the end of the summer as many Americans celebrate having Monday off of work. Four days after Palin’s speech, a key presidential debate will happen in conjunction with the Reagan Centennial in California. Palin gave the keynote address as part of the Young America’s Foundation event in early February at the Reagan Ranch. This time, a debate will be held at the Reagan Presidential Library. If Palin wants to make a huge entrance into the presidential debate, now would be the time. Palin would definitely have enough clout to make it into the forum Sept. 7 with her popularity in several polls over the past year.”
Art, at Lord, what fools these mortals be:
“Sarah Palin's bus tour across America was the most successful to date and had the media foaming at the mouth. Isn't it nice that Obama can take success tips from Palin and got himself a bus so he can begin campaigning, um, ‘listening’ to his ‘subjects’?”
Richard Albert, Boston College law professor, at Politico's The Arena:
“Sarah Palin is a rarity in American politics: a superstar candidate who could win a primary election with only minimal campaign staff to support her candidacy. Current polls do not reflect the breadth and intensity of her support among voters because her support remains dormant while she ponders a run. But were she to jump into the GOP presidential race, she would immediately become the favorite to win in Iowa and South Carolina, two of the three early voting states.”
John Steigerwald, at Just Watch The Game:
“[Those] who like to make fun of her and call her stupid couldn’t dream of accomplishing what she accomplished. On her own. Not because of who she married or who her father was.”
Kevin DuJan, at Hillbuzz:
“What do trolls say when attacking Governor Palin while simultaneously pushing Mittens “Mood Ring” Romney? ... As the election heats up, the Left is going to completely lose its mind when it realizes how big of a loss Democrats will suffer in 2012. Expect to see the race card flung around early and often, with copious pushing of Mittens “Mood Ring” Romney to be the Republican nominee. Conservatives: wake up. Stop letting the media, the Left, trolls, and the Cocktail Party GOP establishment choose your nominee for you!”
Exit Quote - Romans 12:2, in the NIV Bible:
“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is — his good, pleasing and perfect will.”
- JP

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