Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 351

“Lather” Edition

Mark Whittington, at Associated Content:
“[Kathleen] Parker's column has all the snark of a popular girl in High School looking down on the country bumpkin from Wasilla, jealous of her physical attributes and style, unknowing and uncaring of her innate intelligence and learning. This snarkiness is shared by female pundits of all political persuasions, including Maureen Dowd and Peggy Noonan. One suspects that Palin is going to shock the Washington establishment by actually announcing at some point, having finally worked people up into a fine lather with the question of will she or won't she. In that particular case, Parker and other Palin haters will have a ball writing about how she can't win, at least until and if she starts winning. In that circumstance, the reaction will be something awe inspiring to behold. People like Parker will be surprised. But some of us who have been paying attention will not be.”
AWR Hawkins, at Big Government:
“Bad News for Obama: Sarah Palin Looked ‘Undefeated’ in Iowa”
Steven Bannon, on the distinction between Rep. Bachmann and Gov. Palin:
“The way the media frames it, either they have to be BFFs, or it’s that they’re ready for a catfight -- it can’t be a more nuanced look. But you couldn’t have more different leaders. One is a firebrand like a Patrick Henry or Thomas Paine, who rose to prominence in a movement where at a moment in time being a firebrand was important. Governor Palin also did that, but she’s really very different -- she’s a reformer with strong executive experience.”
William A. Jacobson, at Legal Insurrection:
“Bachmann viewed Palin entering the race as a threat and therefore decided that attacking Palin through surrogates was the best tactic, but that was myopic.”
Kasie Hunt, at Politico:
“If there’s any weariness among Iowa voters about Palin’s months-long ‘will-she-or-won’t-she’ dance in which Friday was the latest tease, it wasn’t visible at the fair on Friday. As soon as people noticed her enter the agricultural pavilion to see the famous butter cow — and boy, did they notice — Palin was mobbed. She took two hours to walk from that pavilion, past the food stalls about a hundred yards away, and back up to finally exit the fair. The mob grew so big that aides at one point directed her back the way they had come instead of pushing onward, fearing for her safety.”
David Brody, at CBN:
“Sarah Palin came over and agreed to do a one-on-one interview with me at the Iowa State Fair Friday afternoon...”
Robin Abcarian, at the LAT's Politics Now blog:
“If she decided to run, Palin would not be starting from scratch here [in Iowa], where California attorney Peter Singleton, a supporter, has been living virtually full-time, criss-crossing the state meeting Iowans, building a database for Palin should she decide to run for president. He began his work without any coordination with SarahPAC, her political organization, but is now on Palin’s radar. Singleton was invited to lunch with her in the fair’s VIP tent, and spent the rest of the afternoon at her side, a self-appointed bodyguard of sorts... Palin also invited Craig Robinson, the founder of the website The Iowa Republican to lunch. Robinson said he had a five-minute chat with Palin.”
Christopher Santarelli, at The Blaze:
“... some may ask what does Palin still have to consider from now to the fall that she has not already thought about over the last two and a half years?”
Jay Nordlinger, at NRO's The Corner:
“About a year and a half ago, a canny Texas pol told me, ‘Rick Perry’s gonna run for president. He will announce with Palin at his side. He will win the nomination, and the presidency.’ I went back to the office and reported this comment. They snickered and snorted. Their eyes almost rolled out of their sockets. Well, Perry has announced, but not with Palin at his side.”
Jim Geraghty., at NRO's Campaign Spot:
“Is Palin running? If she is, she’s waiting until the last possible minute...”
Rick Moran, at American Thinker Blog:
“Those who say she has already waited too long, or that she must enter the race soon, fail to appreciate the nature of the Palin phenomena... she is a force to be reckoned with... Other candidates ignore this tremendous pent up energy at their own peril. It is possible she is waiting to see what happens after the dust settles from Perry's announcement and the Ames straw poll results. But she is obviously not wedded to a timetable of any kind or a deadline. She is playing it like all instinctive politicians do - biding her time, weighing pros and cons, and looking for the right moment to make her move. Don't bet on her decision. You will probably be wrong.”
Patrick Ishmael, at Hot air's Green Room:
“Hot Air Approval Survey: August Results... Sarah Palin again won the overall question of who readers would want as the nominee.”
Mark America:
“When Sarah Palin speaks to the idea of a servant’s heart, it is this critical foundation of leadership she is establishing in the full glare of daylight. She’s always been a leader, but it isn’t those who would follow her that define her as such. It’s in the way she carries herself, as the means to the end of carrying an idea, and in so doing, she carries the hopes of a nation with her, whether they all realize it now, or not. Some people have accused me of being ‘hopelessly in the tank for Palin.’ Those who know anything about me also know I’ve never been the sort to be ‘in the tank’ for anyone. The reason I support Sarah Palin is because at the heart of it all, she supports me. She may not know my name, or recognize my face, but the principles for which she’s chosen to stand are my principles too. ”
Patricia Zengerle, at Reuters:
“If she did enter, Palin would be the best-known Republican in the field, and one spared months of intra-party fighting, media scrutiny and expensive campaigning.”
Jeffrey Lord, at The American Spectator's AmSpec blog:
“[Friday] night on Hannity... former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin dropped into the Iowa State Fair to say that she is indeed considering a presidential run -- and the place went nuts. Calling for an ‘American Restoration’ her appearance drew noisy cheers from the surrounding crowd when she suggested among other things (and here she pointed to the crowd) that it was the job of Americans to be ‘holding those liars accountable’ who insist big government is the answer. Time moves quickly, and what was interesting in Palin's appearance was not just the crowd response. It was almost that in her long absence from the presidential campaign, leading many to suggest she was in fact not a candidate, rank-and-file Republicans had scanned the potential candidates and suddenly realized it was Palin they had loved all along.”
Exit Quote - Howard Hughes:
“Wash four distinct and separate times, using lots of lather each time from individual bars of soap.”
- JP

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  1. I'm sometimes disappointed that the pundits have already decided for her that she probably won't run. Again the media is trying to decide for her. Notice that they aren't encouraging her because that would be the demise of Politics' as usual and the end of the traditional GOP. They know that Sarah would be their nightmare because she is representative of the American people and not special interest. She has a network of people just waiting for her to announce.