Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gov. Palin: 'Pawlenty is a good man' (Updated)

As the bus heads south from Dixon, Illinois

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NBC's Alex Moe had an opportunity at the Springfield, IL stop along the One Nation tour route to ask Sarah Palin about Tim Pawlenty's decision to drop out of the GOP Presidential scrum. The reporter tweeted:
Sarah Palin tells "I think we will see more comings
and goings; Pawlenty is a good man"
Moe also posted a photo of the bus rolling through Springfield.

Update: Moe just tweeted that this leg of the One Nation Tour apparently is coming to an end. Gov. Palin had told reporters in Iowa Friday that school starts for daughter Piper in a few days -- Wednesday, according to the Mat-Su school district calendar. But we know the governor will be back in Iowa on the 3rd of September.

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