Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Why many progressives want no part of Vanity Fair's Palin smear job

Progressive pundits, at least those with some degree of credibility, are running away from the latest Vanity Fair hatchet job on Sarah Palin or trying to pretend that they aren't aware of its existence. Susannah Fleetwood explains at NewsReal Blog. Here's the Cliff Notes version:
1. Michael Gross, the author of this column, sounds like a blithering idiot, his column is dripping with hatred, and he manages to prove Sarah Palin correct about the “lamestream media”.

2. Michael Gross’ hit piece on Sarah Palin was just dripping with blatant sexism.

3. When Michael Gross is not attacking Sarah Palin in his column, he is attacking her supporters–who are his fellow Americans.

4. Franky speaking, Michael Gross sounds like a pervert who is way too interested in Sarah Palin’s undergarments, as well as her sex life.
Please read the unabridged original here.

- JP

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