Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A virtual endorsement for Christine O'Donnell?

So far, Sarah Palin has not formally endorsed Christine O'Donnell in the Delaware GOP primary race for U.S. Senate. We're sure that she has good reasons for withholding a formal nod to the candidate, even though O'Donnell seems made for a Palin endorsement. She meets all of the governor's criteria: conservative woman, underdog, fiercely pro-life, believes runaway spending and crushing debt are eroding our freedom, etc. Also, Tea Party Express, which Gov. Palin persuaded to get behind Joe Miller in a major way, has given its endorsement to O'Donnell. Perhaps the governor is concerned that in left-leaning Delaware, her own endorsement would do O'Donnell more harm than good. We don't know for sure. The 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate has been very careful with her endorsements -- or lack of same -- in the blue states.

But Gov. Palin sometimes lets others speak for her through social media, or she at least lets them drop the hint while she remains officially silent on a contest. Tuesday, for example, the governor was one of a couple of dozen Twitter users (including Mark Levin) who retweeted Tammy Bruce’s O’Donnell endorsement:
"HeyTammyBruce @marklevinshow Thank you so much for that RT ;) It is appreciated! @ChristineOD is great, her election must a major focus for us all"
The Delaware race is indeed a critical one. As expected, the Vichy Republicans are going all out for Mike Castle in this contest, which means they are viciously attacking O'Donnell. What is exasperating is that the Conservative Lite drinkers are joining with RINOs in the effort to kneecap her. The only choice in this primary should be a no-brainer for any conservative worth his or her salt. Castle is such a RINO that he's down there where Arlen Specter was before the latter changed his party affiliation to match his voting record. As Jennifer remarked at Cubachi:
"When it comes to Representative Mike Castle, he makes McCain look like another Jim DeMint."
Christine O'Donnell is getting the full treatment that was given to Sarah Palin by her own party's establishment, seeking to demonize her and destroy her political career. This, along with O'Donnell's issue positions and her status as a "Sister Grizzly" should explain Gov. Palin's retweet. It may be as close to an all-out endorsement as she thinks she can afford to make at this time.

The O'Donnell campaign, however, is not afraid and makes no secret of the fact that it would love to have Sarah Palin's full endorsement:
“We would be honored and humbled by Sarah Palin’s endorsement,” said O’Donnell spokesman Matt Moran, putting a heavy emphasis on the “would be.” He went on to say that Palin “of all people knows the politics of personal destruction, when the establishment is threatened and uses slander and lies to protect” an incumbent.
Christine O’Donnell and Gov. Palin did get a brief chance to meet face to face in Washington on the morning of the Restoring Honor rally. But whether the governor's support for O'Donnell will go beyond the implicit stage is something maybe only Sarah Palin knows. Only time will tell, but the clock is ticking, as the election is only eight short weeks away.

- JP

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  1. As usual, JP, this post expresses virtually every aspect of this situation. You're really good, especially when I agree with you - hah! I pondered much of this when I donated to Christine's campaign. This was the first time that I went outside Gov. Palin's endorsement. And, that doesn't mean I'm right and she's wrong. That hasn't occurred yet, to my knowledge. But I just felt Christine's situation was compelling. I believe that Gov. Palin is supportive of Christine's candidacy, but I have no idea how she will manifest it to the best positive effect to bring about Christine's victory. One thing is certainly clear to me - Mike Castle is NOT someone I would want to see in government at any level. Sarah's ability to bring down the establishment is vastly evident and that is an element of Christine's situation. I have faith that Sarah will "play it" right. I just haven't a clue as to how.