Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You know, maybe endorsing Carly Fiorina wasn't such a bad move after all

A mea culpa of sorts, from a DeVore supporter:
"During the California Senate primary, my major criticisms of Carly Fiorina were that she had no public track record to back her on the issues, and that as a novice campaigner she was liable to make mistakes and lose a winnable race. During the race I didn’t quite give her the Tom Campbell treatment, but I gave Chuck DeVore all the support I could."


"Sometimes we’re all just plain wrong about a candidate, and a person who wins a primary has more of what it takes than outsiders ever expected."

"Carly Fiorina has stayed the same person since winning the primary. Some thought that without a track record, she could shift rapidly and hard to the left on key issues, trying to make it easier on herself to win. But no, she’s stuck to her guns on life, on illegal immigration, on radical “green” regulation, and most importantly on the need to get government out of the way in order to let us get some job creation going again in California. And in fact rather than fading or falling apart, she mounted a comeback win in the primary, and has now taken leads in two polls of likely voters."
Well, give our former RS colleague Neil due credit. He's man enough to admit that Carly is not quite the RINO that the DeVore camp insisted she was.

More good conservatives continue to wake up and smell the tea, realizing that Sarah Palin has remarkable political instincts and knows exactly what she's doing, not only with her candidate endorsements, but with the overwhelming majority of her other key decisions as well. Gov. Palin took a lot of flak from many on the right for resigning as governor, taking a pass on CPAC 2010, and a number of other political moves that, in retrospect, have worked very much to her advantage. And yes, we're not above saying, "We told you so." You dang well betcha!

- JP

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