Friday, September 17, 2010

Red-handed: Pelosi, Obama staffers caught at 'Nazi protest' against Kinzinger (Updated)

A staffer for Obama’s Organizing for America and one of Nancy Pelosi's aides have been caught red-handed taking part in an Illinois protest against Congressional candidate Adam Kinzinger where demonstrators carried signs with pictures of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck depicted as Hitler.

After their demonstration, the protesters returned to Rep. Debbie Halvorson‘s office, where the protest was apparently organized. Jim Hoft has the story and the damning video (which we predict is destined to go viral) at Gateway Pundit.

Kinzinger, who was endorsed by Gov. Palin, issued a press release in which he demanded that Halvorson answer a number of questions about the obvious connection between her campaign and the demonstrators.

See also: "Dem Congresswoman's Supporters Participate in Palin-As-Hitler Rally" by Larry O'Conner at Big Government


Vicki McClure Davidson:
"When interviewed... these anti-conservative protesters in Joliet, outside Chicago — proudly carrying Nazi-esque signs slamming GOP congressional opponent Adam Kinzinger and other well-known conservatives, like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin — denied several times being there in support of, or affiliated with, Democrat Rep. Debbie Halvorson... But wait… these miscreants LIED... They look pretty darned cozy in [Halvorson’s campaign office] in the video with Julie Merz, Halvorson’s campaign manager."
"It's ironic that the same party that points their crooked finger at the GOP and the tea party as the ones hurling violent rhetoric are the same ones that use Nazi symbols to paint the opposition with."
Don Surber:
"Why should I pay tax dollars to support people who carry Nazi signs?"'s Erick Erickson:
"Does Barack Obama sanction his own grassroots army comparing Republicans to Hitler? If not, will he see to it that this employee is fired?"
Verum Serum;
"I’m sure these signs will be posted on Media Matters shortly. And Rachel Maddow will run with them as proof of anti-Tea Party extremism. Nah, not really."
And Stacy McCain channels Captain Louis Renault:
"It appears that not a single major news organization in Illinois — not the TV stations, nor the Chicago Tribune or Sun-Times — has done any actual reporting on this story."
We're shocked also, Captain.

- JP

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