Friday, September 17, 2010

Murkowski write-in bid costs her Senate seniority, leadership roles (Updated)

Robert Costa at NRO's The Corner with reaction to Lisa Murkowski's decision to attempt a write-in campaign to try to hold on to her Senate seat. Apparently she had to resign her leadership positions and forfeit her seniority in the chamber to do it:
Joe Miller tells National Review Online that Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a member of the “ruling class,” is “refusing to relinquish power.”

Miller, Alaska’s GOP Senate nominee, defeated Murkowski in an August primary. In a press conference tonight in Anchorage, Murkowski announced her plans to continue in the race as a write-in candidate. Miller says that he has “been told directly” by senior GOP senators that Murkowski will now “lose her seniority and her committee positions.”

Miller says Murkowski’s move “should shock anyone with integrity,” calling it another example of how her “lifeblood is power.” She has, he says, a “disconnection from reality.”

“[Murkowski] is going back on her word,” Miller continues. “She gave her word several days before the primary that she would respect the primary outcome.”

“This is a write-in campaign for a person named Lisa Murkowski,” Miller says. “We are not terribly concerned about it. It doesn’t change our approach. Our calculus is that we win. It is now Joe Miller versus the liberals.”

Miller agrees with Sarah Palin, who earlier tonight in Iowa predicted that Murkowski’s effort will be “futile.” “It will end in failure,” Miller says. “She is going to throw a lot of money away just to mud sling.”

Costa has comments from NRSC chairman John Cornyn and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell here.


In a statement Friday, the Alaska GOP says Murkowski will get no help from the party, which it affirms is solidly behind Joe Miller.

Via Twitter, Gov. Palin tried to talk sense to Livid Lisa:
"My advice for Lisa is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON'T RUN."
And a couple of hours earlier:
"Primary voters spoke. Listen to the people, respect their will; w/a 40-pt incumbent lead & $2.8 million war chest, voters chose Joe instead"
Nearly everyone is condemning Murkowski's write-in foolishness. No one thinks she has a chance to win the election. But that's not the point. We would bet real money that the Senator knows that as well. But it's no longer about winning for spoiled-brat Lisa. This is an exercise in pure revenge. Murkowski and her handlers Bitney and Halcro all have axes to grind, and once sharpened, they would just love to use them to take off Sarah Palin's head. Their real goal is to siphon enough votes away from Joe Miller to make Democrat Scott McAdams the winner. That's the only victory they know is still possible in this race.

- JP

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