Friday, September 17, 2010

Video: Gov. Palin's Ronald Reagan Dinner Keynote Speech to Iowa GOP

Courtesy of aptly-named TheRightScoop, here is video of Gov. Palin's keynote address at the Iowa Republican Party's annual Ronald Reagan Dinner:

- JP

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  1. My God in Heaven, she is a masterful politician. She is brilliant. She conveys the undercurrent of Reagan/Thatcher "iron-and-wit" with ~exactly~ the proper dose of her own, inimitable new millennium Nordic-gal, EveryPerson charisma.

    I have liberal friends/acquaintances, some of whom say nothing overtly negative about her, but most of whom suffer exploding intestines whenever her name is even mentioned.

    May these liberals, these True Idiots and Dunces of our age, be swept away in the wake of a shockingly effective and ferociously savvy leader like Palin. This was a superb speech ... better than her fine RNC delivery because we are seeing the same conviction and command, yet unfettered by an understandably oppressive "moment". Palin is pushing a much greater multitude of "buttons" here. So wonderfully, so passionately when proper, so subtly when needed, so constructively, so captivatingly -- just like Reagan!

    More than ever, Palin stakes her unrivaled claim as the embodiment of the sensible voice of MOST Americans. Yes, she is a politician through-and-through, but she is also the best kind: supremely gifted at "the game" and immediately ready to implement policies that favor a superpower capitalist republic!

    If anyone thinks she is not running in 2012, that one needs to get a grip. It is all but certain after this episode. Parse this fine, strategic, and brilliant Iowa speech.

    This is, after all, why we are attuned to her: Palin is the best thing that WILL happen to the United States of America. For our own good. This kind of help comes only a handful of times in a century, to this great-but-beleaguered nation. She's one of those precious few sentinels.

    I believe America will do the right thing. I have to believe it ... we all do. We must make it so.