Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going Rogue is #3 in SF Bay Area

Sarah Palin's Going Rogue is the number three bestseller in the very liberal Bay Area. All the more impressive, says Weasel Zippers, because many bookstores in the area refuse to stock it.

Meanwhile, millions of liberals across the nation have purchased Gov. Palin's book. We know this because the book has sold millions of copies, and Joy Behar says that Sarah Palin’s "base doesn’t even read." And "smart" liberals like Joy are never wrong... are they?

- JP


  1. Many bookstores in the area may refuse to stock it, which makes SF liberal booksellers the equivalent of book-burners and communists, frankly. Total hypocrites. But any bookstores refusing to stock the book are indeed the little indie stores in SF, and SF is one of the few cities left that can support such censorious booksellers. Nevertheless, they can't keep her out of Borders. I was at the SF Borders on Union Square last week when I was in the city on business and Sarah's face was there, greeting me (and thousands of others) at the door, front-and-center on the best-seller table. Take that, 'A Clean, Well-Lighted Place For Books' (beatnick-y old SF indie bookseller).

  2. Yep, Ian, got the same greeting from Sarah at Barnes & Noble in Walnut Creek, but then, I also attended a Tea Party in Walnut Creek. One doesn't have to travel far from San Francisco (30 miles east) to emerge out of the liberal pit.

  3. Sarah's book is up here, in the North Bay. The book is at Barnes & Noble and at Costco.