Saturday, November 14, 2009

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 6

More killer quotes...

John Podhoretz:
"Whatever Sarah Palin is, she is also... a huge star. With the very prominent exception of Barack Obama, she’s the sensation in American politics this decade. And a person who can make news just by opening her mouth is a person to be reckoned with, a person who is not going away, a person who is going to play a role in American politics for a long time."
Small Dead Animals:
"It's been hard not to notice in the last few years that women are disproportionately represented among the group of conservatives who take courageous stands and give no quarter to useful idiots. For some reason, conservative women like Sarah Palin, Kate, Kathy Shaidle, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and many others - and even Democrats like Camille Paglia - are more likely than the men-folk to step to the front lines, and less likely to waffle and beat around the bush and pointlessly split hairs when important issues are being addressed."
Kathryn Jean Lopez:
"Based on this excerpt from Sarah Palin's book, the McCain campaign sounds a bit like a mid-security political prison."
No Dhimmitude:
"Those who, like Sarah Palin, have values and morals are "idiots," so stupid and incapable of thought that they cannot live rightly in the world, life not fit for life, as it were. So it is a good thing to firebomb Sarah Palin's church, never mind the people inside at the time. I am an idiot, obviously, for I do not understand."
Bernie Quigley:
"We already know a lot. She shot a moose. And she ate it. And the ever-vigilant Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post has uncovered this: Someone gave her a grouty Garfield calendar for Christmas and she keeps it on her desk. [Levi Johnston] says he’s got the goods on her. He knows things about Sarah Palin that will end the curse, end the swine flu, stop the drought, restore the dollar and return manufacturing from China."
Mike Elk:
"Sure, liberals laugh off the idea of Sarah Palin being elected president. However, elitist, out-of-touch liberals laughed off Nixon, Reagan and Bush as unelectable. Well, guess what, they all won."
"Today, we must have heard 25 times already how 'cheap' Oprah’s audience has been complaining Palin was not to give them any free books. Uh, those would be the books Palin’s not allowed by her publisher to pass out until the contractually mandated street date."
Sister Toldjah:
"Naming names of the backstabbing McCain aides who have repeatedly tried to throw her under the bus for the last year? I.can’t.wait."
"We suspected as much during the campaign last year and sure enough, we were right: John McCain chose Gov. Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate for no reason other than a sop to the conservative base. Once ensconced in the campaign she was quickly - though not always effectively - muzzled and for understandable reasons. The last thing a RINO wants is a conservative running mate who makes him look like... well…like a RINO."
Ann Coulter:
"I mean, she sends out a Twitter post on the death panels and suddenly, that's all everyone's talking about, and it gets the death panel killed. That's a little Twitter post when she's just sitting in her kitchen. She has massive influence."
Chris Cillizza:
"Palin's Going Rogue comes out next Tuesday, a book-buying event that may make the Harry Potter craze look quaint by comparison."
Noemie Emery:
"Obama endorses Creigh Deeds and Jon Corzine, embraces them, campaigns with and for them, and calls them his partners in politics. He practically moves to the state of New Jersey, lends the campaign his pollster, and... Palin is one of six national figures to speak out for Hoffman, doesn’t campaign for or with him, and never sets foot in New York. Hoffman loses by 3 points... while Corzine, running in deep-blue New Jersey with a third-party candidate who works in his favor, loses by five points to Republican Chris Christie, and Deeds is wiped out in Virginia by an 18-point spread. But these last two are no reflection at all on Obama, whose name, pundits assure us, was not on the ballot, while Hoffman's loss is a slap aimed directly at Palin, which simply shows up her severe limitations, and how toxic she turned out to be."
Jonah Goldberg:
"I don't think the authors are trying to compare Palin to KSM. But... First Read is supposed to be a hardbitten, analytical, straight-shooting tip sheet. Not the rundown memo for the Rachel Maddow show."
Cassy Fiano:
"So Oprah wants to know if Sarah Palin would invite Levi Johnston for dinner. This curiosity about conservatives forgiving people is fascinating to me because it is so insincere. It isn’t even curiosity. Palin’s answer was, after all, perfectly decent and should have put any true curiosity to rest. But this isn’t the end of it, of course. The question will be raised again and again and again…of the conservative capacity to forgive, not of the liberal capacity to forgive."
Matthew Continetti:
The AP has obtained a copy, and... suggests that the book is a gauzy, campaign-heavy memoir... and not much else. Palin, we are told, has a lot of folksy gossip to share in her book, but little to say of substance.... Well, a report out tonight says that Palin's book includes criticism of bailouts, the Obama economic program, the Obama climate-change agenda, and the stimulus. Sounds pretty substantive to me. Which Palin defender published these snippets in order to combat the media portrayal of Going Rogue as shallow? Why, it was the AP -- in the course of a ridiculous 'Fact Check' of Palin's book."
- JP


  1. Happy to see you at work here. I love Sarah Palin, and any time I see her name I rush to read more. Seeing my own copy here is delightful!

    Best to you all.

    Dag Walker.

  2. And to you as well, Dag. Now that you know where we are, please don't be a stranger.

    - JP

  3. You folks here are BUSY. I'll come back and spend some time here, but it's going to eat up my day the way you all go at it. Yes, I like it.

    A question, given that I haven't looked yet: "Is that a bull moose I see by your name?"

    A note about my blog. A number of your fans have stopped by, and I feel a bit nervous in that I can get a bit back-woods sometimes. I'm not as foul as the average Hollywood movie, but I'm no angel. Still, we're all adults here, and I'm easy to tune out if it gets rough.

    On a personal note, if we succeed in getting Sarah Palin elected to office, then I'll come back home. No chance while that lot in power now remain. So you all have my presence as a bonus if we win!

    Best regards, Dag.