Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sarah Palin's arrival in Asheville NC for Dinner with the Grahams

Sarah Palin arrived at the airport at 3:10pm and was warmly welcomed by Franklin Graham and some local supporters who turned out on very short short notice. The former governor then took some time to answer a few questions. 

Rchard Bernier of Asheville is a co-founder of Draft Palin for President.

h/t: Buncombe County GOP

Update: Associated Press: Palin dines, prays with Rev. Billy Graham in NC

- JP


  1. I'm very grateful to Richard for having compiled this presentation. It's an excellent image of our next president.

  2. interesting map

  3. Palin has a connection to ordinary people which is her power. She doesn't have to use empty rthortic like "yes we can" or bumper jargon like "change". This is why they fear a woman like Sarah Palin.

  4. Josh, have you noticed that one of her burly security guards on this book tour, looks just like that jerk, Steve Schmidt????? Isn't that weird, LOL

    Happy Thanksgiving buddy...