Monday, November 30, 2009

The Virginian: Chattering Debra Saunders Doesn't Get It

Just like his namesake, who exposed the various posers and snake oil salesmen who dropped in on Shiloh Ranch in Medicine Bow, blogging's The Viginian turns a Klieg light on Debra Saunders, and we can clearly see that she's a Republican Lite drinker:
Deb Saunders writes for and the San Francisco Chronicle. Neither fish nor fowl nor good red meat, Deb reflects the Republicanism that lost the 2008 election. You can tell how her column on Palin’s book, “Going Rogue,” is going to turn out by her opening paragraph, referring to Sarah Palin as having been
“...plucked from her Little House on the Tundra to serve as John McCain's running mate and turned into a national caricature.”
Actually Deb, she was occupying the Governor's chair in Alaska. But I guess that viewed from San Francisco you can't tell the difference.


Palin is 'parading herself as the far right’s favorite victim!' That’s what San Fran Deb thinks of Palin’s supporters. The ones who came out in the tens of thousands to see her when John McCain could not fill a living room. She’s not a 'serious politician.' She’s not wooing skeptics. No, all she’s doing is connecting with the people of the country who don’t live in San Francisco but live in places like Grand Rapids and who stand in line for a day in the freezing cold to get her to autograph her book.
The Virginian's full point-by-point take down of Saunders' lamestream attempt to diss Sarah Palin is here

- JP

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  1. More devious and filthy, Saunders uses the line ("Little House on the Tundra") that Sarah herself employed in the book to specifically say that she did ~not~ wish to fit into some caricature! I hope everyone realizes how stupid and cheap that is, in and of itself.

    Saunders lives in San Francisco, writes for the Chronic-Dull, and gets all fluttery & moist in the aorta when it comes to supporting gay marriage.

    That spells it out for you.

    I can just see her now: giggling about global warming over cocktails by night and shoe-shopping with drag-queens by day. Calling herself "Republican" is probably sommething Deb does just to make her lib posse think she's "edgy".

    Let phonies like her stay in San Francisco. There's a halfway decent zoo there. Deb would fit right in, in the RINO paddock.