Friday, September 11, 2009

Palin's leadership lights up the conservasphere

Former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pushing back against the slippery socialist slope that President Obama and the Democrats are determined to toss the nation down, and conservative bloggers are responding positively. Here are some of the latest comments from the conservasphere:

American Thinker Blog's Ethel Fenig:
"Former Alaskan governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (R) responded graciously, but factually, to President Barack Obama's (D) health care speech with his post partisan gratuitous swipe at her. As she puts it 'so much for civility.'"
Doug Ross:
"Obama specifically called politicians like Sarah Palin, talk show hosts like Sean Hannity and radio pundits like Mark Levin liars... have the American people ever experienced a President who is this divisive, this bitterly partisan before? Spun so many painfully obviously lies in a major speech before?"
Gary P. Jackson at Cypress Times:
"Besides costing her personally... Obama surrogates had cost the Alaska taxpayers millions and were on track to cost them more, with their continual filing of those bogus ethics complaints. My guess is about now Obama is wishing he had left her alone to govern Alaska in peace!"
David Horowitz's Newsreal blog:
"Palin’s image of 'death panels' to capture what is the undeniable truth about the Democrats‘ plans... was a politically brilliant stroke. In singling her out and defaming her... the president made her the symbol of the opposition to the steamroller he is driving. And that’s the fight she wants..."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"Sarah Palin is forcing Obama to stay on the 'death panel' issue. She knows that without a way to ration care, government run health care is impossible, therefore Obama and the Democrats will have to address rationing or lose the very cost cutting component to the program."
Ted Belman, Israpundit:
"In less than six weeks she has taken over from all the elected Republicans, the role of government watchdog. She has assumed the role of a government in waiting and all Republicans are riding her coat tails."
Drew M. at AOSHQ:
"So Obama calls Palin a liar (not by name but everyone knows who he's talking about) but we are supposed to get our panties in a bunch because Wilson yelled it out?"
Sharp Right Turn:
"Of course, Sarah Palin is correct. Some unaccountable board will be making these decisions for seniors if this... becomes law."
Ziva Sahl at Babalú Blog:
"Say what you will about her, like Reagan, she embodies the American spirit and connects with main street U.S.A. If she's on the ticket 2012, she has my vote."
Gateway Pundit:
"Sarah Palin sure knows how to work him like cookie-dough. It really isn't even fair. And, all she's doing is speaking the truth."
Carl at The Freedom Medium:
"Liberals by and large breathed a sigh of relief when Sarah Palin stepped down from her position as governor. They had the mistaken notion that her voice would be silenced... And as her response to the President’s pep rally last night proves, she is a voice to be reckoned with."
James 4 America:
"I, for one, would like to see Sarah Palin and Barack Obama debate the healthcare reform issue. He would, of course, have a few problems, without TOTUS."
Yukio Ngaby at Critical Narrative:
"Again, Palin has hit the nail on the head. And that's probably why the Left hate her with such venom."
Doug Powers:
"Palin’s response is a good read and full of so much common sense that the left won’t be able to comprehend it, so they’ll simply dismiss both the article and the author as 'stupid.'"
Sue at J's Cafe Nette:
"Obviously she has the democrats worried. Their idea of debate in order to silence critics is to attack, and Ms. Palin has shown repeatedly she has no fear of their tactics."
Washington’s Wake:

"Conservatives who allow wishywashy assumptions to stand, such as the official response’s 'we agree Americans want...' allow the administration to get away with defining the wants of Americans in the ways that most benefit their arguments. Mrs. Palin breaks that convention and in doing so champions the fundamental cause of freedom that underlies the entire debate."

Gary Gross at True North:
"Sarah Palin has gotten under President Obama's skin. She keeps exposing his empty rhetoric and he keeps getting irritated by her rebuttals."
Mike's America:
"She sounds more presidential than he does!"
Robin at Chickenhawk Express:
"No matter what the Left claims to think about Sarah Palin... they are scared to death of her."
John Lewandowski,
"Of course Nancy Pelosi stood and applauded Obama calling Palin a liar, but was OUTRAGED when Obama’s words were called a lie."
Token Conservative:
"While other Republican politicos have ranged from worthless to slightly better than worthless (Senator Jim DeMint excepted—he’s been good), Palin has been fighting back."
Scott Michaels at Entitlement Syndrome:
"Sarah Palin, becoming ever more cagey and savvy, still has the advantage of being the attacker, and it continues to look like Barack Obama is on the defensive, striking out blindly and calling on various labor unions to do his fighting for him."
William Kristol, posting on TWS's The Blog:
"Sarah Palin is right: Obama’s 'offhand applause line' was an insult to those who have fought and sacrificed, and to those who are now fighting and sacrificing, on our behalf."
L.E. Ikenga, American Thinker:
"Former Governor Palin understands many things that Obama does not. Here are the two most important: our government must be strong enough to protect the rights of the people, but restrained enough so as not to infringe upon them, and the elites are destroying America. In some way or other, Palin will eventually defeat Obama."
- JP


  1. I truly enjoy reading all the supportive blogs that you post from time to time. The best was the American Thinker, "In one way or another Sarah Palin will win over Obama." I agree our nation is a conservative nation and at some point conservatives will take back the country.

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