Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rove, you magnificent bastard. Sarah read your book.

While checking on the Ride 2 Recovery's ongoing ebay auction to win a dinner date with Sarah and Todd Palin, I got struck by the giggles.

Take a gander at the link. Now, notice the "FREE SHIPPING" right next to Sarah Palin's picture, as long as it is standard flat rate shipping service with the United States Post Office,. And of course I got a serious case of the giggles! Why, you may ask?

Well... think about Alaska (or where ever Sarah and Todd may be at this moment). If you have ever seen a Standard Flat Rate shipping box, they are not that big. So, how are they going to get Sarah and Todd in that tiny box? Okay, yeah I know corny. But when you live in a place that you hope and pray that they will send it USPO rather then Fed Ex or UPS, you save about 30 bucks generally. So shipping Sarah and Todd is a STEAL!

Either way it just struck me odd and funny, as in HA HA.

As for the auction(s), I am hoping it will be a good battle of the auctioning spirit!

Sarah Palin is at $39,702.99
Karl Rove  is  at  $13,600.00
Gary Sinise is at $  3,050.25

There are other great auctions going on. I would suggest taking a look. It is at least worth a giggle at shipping Karl "You Magnificant Bastard" Rove, for free!!!!

- u

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  1. It's amazing really that the bid for a dinner with Sarah is triple the amount then having a dinner with the ultimate inside the beltway power figure Karl Rove. If people are willing to pay over $40k just to have dinner with Sarah,I don't think she'll have any problems raising funds for a Presidential run.