Monday, September 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Was Right #8: Obama's Missile Defense Cuts Are Reckless, Part 2

I mentioned a couple days ago about the problematic issue with Iran, its nuclear facilities and missiles, while Obama is dismantling ours. It's a situation which shows that Sarah Palin was right about missile defense.

Now that we have been threatened by North Korea, which bluffed and now warned by Iran… how off is Sarah Palin now concerning Missile Defense in our own country? Even Defense Secretary Gates is beginning to wonder what the deal is and is saying that letting Afghanistan go is a bad idea, even after the administration and Congress ended production of the F-22 air superiority fighter. What is Congress thinking now? Meanwhile, Obama seems to be letting the Gitmo detainees out one at a time to keep from drawing attention.

It really doesn’t matter. We are at the mercy of what Iran's mullahs may do. Israel has long urged the U.S. to stand up and take action, but sadly it looks as though the tiny democracy is on its own. But the United States is under the missile bubble as well. Yet Obama just grins and campaigns as usual, this time for an extended school session. Isn’t there something more pressing than worrying about the length of the school year? How about keeping Americans and their children safe?

I also mentioned that Venezuela is seeking its own uranium, possibly with help from Russia. I said that China would be involved. It seems I was right about that as well, but one country that I thought would be on our side, India, is preoccupied with building up its own nuclear arsenal, and it's anyone's guess when Pakistan is going to get into the mix.

So while all this is going on in the world, we should be on high alert. But, no, House Democrats are too focused on their push to give healthcare to illegals. Where was Obama's plan to grant them U.S. citizenship?

None of this is good news. In fact, this is depressing news. Is there anything positive about the Obama Administration's lemming march over the cliff?

I hope Sarah Palin and others who value the nation's security, will we speaking out on these issues at upcoming events. This is not the time for silence, nor is it the time to look past the issues that are staring the world in the face.

As I was writing this, the Iranians fired two medium range missiles. Say an Our Father. (The 23rd Psalm might also be appropriate. - JP)

Iran has test-fired medium-range missiles, state TV reported on Monday, a day after the Islamic Republic's elite Revolutionary Guards launched short-range missiles as part of several days of war games.
So, Mr. President, should Americans be concerned about the mad mullahs and their missiles yet?

- u

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