Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fox News: Sarah Palin's Asian speech confirmed

Way down near the bottom of a Fox News story apparently meant to slam Sarah Palin for turning down an invitation to attend the National Federation of Republican Women's 35th Convention, we find this interesting bit of information:
"While Palin will not be going to Florida, she will be delivering a keynote speech in Hong Kong, China later this month, according to her spokeswoman, Meg Stapleton."
Talk about burying the lede!

So Monday's AP news item is now confirmed, and our decision to report it is supported -- not that we needed vindication, but we did receive some criticism for posting that AP was reporting it. Also, Riehl's 24 hour rule holds up, and Dan should rest assured that Sarah Palin does indeed have the people around her to be successful.

As for the Fox story, we wonder what part of  "Sarah Palin is writing her book and won't attend any events until it is finished" the legacy media fail to understand. Despite FNC's misleading headline, former Governor Palin didn't "snub" anyone. We have to ask who was asleep at the Fox newsroom printer when the following AP story was sent down the wire Monday:
The father of Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential nominee, says his daughter has been steering clear of the media spotlight in recent weeks to focus on writing her memoirs.

Chuck Heath, in Idaho campaigning for a Republican congressional candidate last week, says Palin has been away from her Alaska home for more than a month but is in touch frequently with him.
The AP story preceded Fox's Monday piece by a full seven hours at the very least.

Update: ADN's Sean Cockerham at least got right to the point in the Alaska Politics blog, but as per McClatchy practice had to include this bit of snark:
But, given recent history, it seemed prudent to make sure Palin was actually on board.
Ironically, in Cockerham's next paragraph, he had to report on what will put an end to the "they said, she said" media narrative that the likes of ADN has so relished reporting:
Stapleton also confirmed reports that Palin has signed with the Washington Speakers Bureau to handle her paid speaking engagements.
Update: Fox News has changed the headline of their story from "Palin Snubs Republican Women's Convention" to "Palin to Speak at Hong Kong Investors Conference." Heh...

- JP

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  1. No criticism should have been given to those who reported (in good faith) that Sarah Palin was going to appear in Anchorage.

    None of us MUST be under the gimlet eye of anyone else. If you are an employee, then sure, accept the criticism.

    The criticism tactic is getting old, IMHO, and it is time for folks to understand... no one has exclusive 'rights' to report on anything Sarah.

    While it may be wishful thinking on the part of a select few, the truth is, the pro-Palin bloggers are ALL supporting Sarah.

    There is absolutely no need to call names about elitism, or to get snarky because someone on the net manages to get a story written and posted before someone else does.

    If I haven't said it before, you do an absolutely wonderful job, Josh!