Saturday, June 6, 2009

Alaska's Governor Takes Central New York

There were some flashes of deja vu in Auburn, New York today. Like when she was on the campaign trail last summer, there was a large crowd which included some who have driven long hours to get there just to see her. There were the chants of "Sa-RAH ... Sa-RAH .. Sa-RAH" after she was introduced at the podium. There were parents who hoisted their small children up onto their shoulders to get a better look at the popular 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate. There were the signs some in the crowd held aloft, including several which read "Run, Sarah Run."

After taking part in a parade in which the governor, her husband Todd and daughter Willow rode most of the route in a classic 1959 Cadillac, Gov. Palin addressed the crowd. She also engaged in a little self-depreciating humor:
During speeches outside Memorial City Hall, 123rd District Assemblymen Gary Finch, R-Springport, presented Palin with a painting depicting Auburnian William H. Seward and others signing documents for Russia to sell Alaska to the United States. Seward appears to be looking at a globe showing Alaska, Palin said.

"They're looking at a globe, and they're pointing to Alaska in this painting, and I'll betcha anything what Seward was pointing out was: 'Lookie there. You can see Russia from Alaska,'" she said.
More on Gov. Palin's morning and early afternoon in Central New York here. No estimates yet from local officials on the size of the crowd that turned out for Sarah Palin today, but they were expecting upwards of 20,000. There's one thing to think about when you see those polls which show the governor in a close race for the leadership of her political party. When have you ever seen Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or any of the others touted as possible GOP standard bearers attract large and enthusiastic crowds like this for an such an event as this?

Update 1:  The crowd numbered over 20,000,according to AP's William Kates. The Citizen has full video of the governor's Seward House speech here. The Post-Standard has some raw video excerpts from the parade and the Founder's Day speech here.

Update 2: Coverage of Walk for Autism Awareness here.

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