Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Statement from Gov. Palin’s Attorney on dismissal of frivolous Litman complaint

An illogical and absurd complaint
Here's the statement from Gov. Palin’s Attorney John J. Tiemessen on the dismissal of a frivolous complaint that had been filed by Malia Litman, a blogger who seems to have nothing better to do in her sad life but attack the governor on left wing websites:
The Alaska Attorney General’s office has dismissed yet another frivolous ethics complaint filed against Governor Palin by a leftwing political blogger. This particular blogger is from Texas (where she volunteered as a precinct captain for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign), and yet her dismissed complaint against Governor Palin has cost the State of Alaska time and resources because no matter how absurd the complaint is, the state must respond to it. These complaints also cost Governor Palin personally to defend herself. This small band of leftwing bloggers have dedicated their lives to spreading lies, half-truths, and failed legal analysis about allegations of “corruption” against Governor Palin. This dismissed complaint is just the latest example of their destructive strategy to harass a political leader they disagree with.

This particular complaint alleged that Governor Palin violated Alaska’s Executive Branch Ethics Act because the production company that made “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” received a film tax credit from the State of Alaska related to its expenses in making the series. It should be noted that Governor Palin never received any direct money or compensation from this tax credit. The legislation that created this tax credit was crafted and passed by Alaska lawmakers and signed into law by Governor Palin. In dismissing this complaint, the Alaska Attorney General’s office outlines the illogic and absurdity of exempting former governors from complying with statutes they signed into law for two years after they leave office.

You can read the Attorney General’s opinion here.

- John J. Tiemessen, attorney for Sarah Palin
h/t: Ohio 4 Palin

- JP

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