Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 349

“The Cure” Edition

Patrick S. Adams. at Patrick's World USA:
“In forging a winning coalition, there is a large and growing swath of voters that can be courted... If I had to give you an honest rough estimate... I'd have to tell you that there are about 25 million Americans either unemployed or underemployed. That's a lot of voters. Will all those people vote for Sarah Palin? No. Should they all vote for Sarah Palin? Yes. Ronald Reagan created 16.1 million jobs between 1981 and 1989. Now ask yourself, is something like this possible again if a President Palin removes regulatory burdens for businesses, reforms the tax code, reforms entitlements, repeals Obamacare and opens up energy drilling and exploration (where our real wealth is currently stored)? You friggin betcha it is. It's time to get the message out to the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs and homes because of the moronic policies of our leaders in Washington that if they channel their anger and their desire to restore America the right way, they can be a driving force behind ending the Obama sickness that has befallen our great nation. The cure for Obama sickness is Sarah Palin.”
Kunta Evans, at Random Alien Musings:
“Dear Sarah... I don't pretend to elevate you to an unreasonably high status...I simply see that you are uniquely equipped to lead us during a time perhaps like no other.”
Anthony James, at Tea Party Tribune:
“What really makes Sarah Palin so very special is that she really doesn’t want to go to Washington DC for the next four years to set about the Herculean feat of undoing the savage damage which the current administration will leave in its rancid wake. It’s just that she, like so many of us, understands that either she will do it or the very great chance exists that it will not get done. At the very least, it will not be done as well or as quickly as she would do it, and time is very much of the essence here. While it is not likely, I sincerely hope that Sarah Palin reads this... If you’re reading this Sarah, please run.”
Nicole Coulter, at Conservatives 4 Palin:
“Governor Palin herself has stated that she will announce her decision in either August or September. So, we’re looking at less than seven weeks maximum; but it could be any day now, right?”
James York, at American Thinker:
“Over the last three years, many Washington soothsayers have taken note of Mrs. Palin's consistent conservative credentials... while simultaneously and dismissively marveling at her nonchalant attitude toward conventionality. They often bemoan the ‘brazen’ way that she causes seismic shifts in the political terrain with the prose of a mere commoner (death panels), and I suspect they wince at the prospect of her next tweet or note. By now, the elites are numb to the feelings of shame, guilt, and awkwardness that have accompanied their endless attempts to molest the Palin family, but they are not yet accustomed to the sting of damaged pride. They despise intellectual humiliation more than almost anything, yet they continually do things that make their foolishness glaringly apparent. While no one should be surprised at the political prowess of the once-chief executive of the geographically largest state in the Union, many will continue to underestimate her and, in repeatedly writing her professional obituary, will ultimately pen their own.”
David Bozeman, at Net Right Daily:
“She could speak volumes about being on the receiving end of meanness, but she possesses the gall to fight back... If Sarah Palin is mean, this lowly foot soldier in the conservative movement says give me more.”
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“Now comes word that Sarah Palin will bring her famous, extremely patriotic ‘One Nation’ bus tour to the Heartland this week, allegedly for a visit to the Iowa State Fair... Palin's not scheduled to speak at the fair. Palin doesn't need no schtinking fair to speak. She's got her Facebook page with nearly 3.25 million fans listening. And her podium over at Fox. And the political celebrity can pretty much set up wherever she wants to park her political bus, and the crowd and media will flock over, even though she has yet to declare her intentions about a presidential candidacy. The latest leg of Palin's bus journey just happens to coincide with the arrival of a gazillion media people and a bunch of GOP presidential candidates for the Ames Straw Poll, just to the north of Des Moines up I-35. Thursday night there's a nationally-televised Republican debate on the Fox News Channel.”
PassCode Creative, via Twitter:
“humbled by the response 2 ‘Always Proud’ full credit goes to - her vision and message that r resonating:"
Tony Katz, at Pajamas Media:
“According to The Iowa, former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be coming to Iowa on Friday. Craig Robinson, editor and publisher of The Iowa, says that Palin’s reason for coming is, ‘Obviously, to make an impact on the field. She’s creating a bookmark that allows her to keep her options open for getting in to the race.’ PJTV is covering the Straw Poll, and all the action throughout Iowa. Be sure to check for video updates, and The Tatler for the latest breaking news from Iowa.”
“Tea Party activists interviewed by Reuters voiced most enthusiasm for former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who has been coy as to whether she will run.”
Jack Hunter, at Charleston City Paper:
“Prejudices and perceptions aside, The Undefeated leaves one with the impression that Palin is just as qualified to be president as the current one, flaws and all. I’ve never adored Sarah Palin and I’ve never abhorred Sarah Palin, but I’ve always been amused by those who do. This brings us to one of the most interesting parts of The Undefeated: the opening segment. This crude, somewhat paranoid, and downright cruel barrage of liberal criticism of Palin should be enough to make anyone, Left or Right, cringe. If the Left thinks Palin supporters are absurd, liberals should observe their silly selves when in full Palin-hatred mode — which is what The Undefeated allows us to do. Why the Left logically hates Palin becomes no clearer from this collage of liberal venom, just as why the Right loves Palin is made clear by the conservatives featured in the movie.”
Hollywoodland, at Big Hollywood:
“George Lopez, the left-wing comedian who recently made headlines after threatening to move to Canada should Governor Sarah Palin become president... is now just another unemployed statistic in his precious Obama’s failed economic ‘recovery.’... Lopez has floated the idea of entering politics. We at Big Hollywood look forward to that.”
Michael Gryboski, at Moore Common Sense:
“Back in November 2008, not long after the John McCain–Sarah Palin ticket failed to make it to the White House, an arsonist attacked a church. It was not just any place of worship, it was Palin’s home church in Wasilla, Alaska... Thankfully no one was hurt, however the arsonist remains at large. In the months leading up to the presidential election and the arson incident at the church, liberals in the media launched an intense campaign against Palin. Some of their remarks were valid criticisms; many of them were personal attacks. Among the anti-Palin army of journalists, columnists, commentators, and writers was Eugene Robinson. The examples of his opposition to Palin during the 2008 campaign were numerous.”
Matt Hadro, at NewsBusters:
“It's no secret that CNN's Jack Cafferty possesses a deep-seated loathing of Sarah Palin, and now that she may run for the Republican presidential ticket the grumpy CNN contributor has one more thing to grumble over.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo! News:
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin weighed in on the Standard & Poor's downgrade of American debt with a Facebook post that was a combination of an ‘I told you so’ and analysis of the problem, and a proposal for some solutions. In the post, Palin points out she warned the AAA rating of American public debt was in jeopardy as early as December 2010. With a slap at President Barack Obama's intellectual pretensions, she added, ‘One doesn't need a Harvard Law degree to figure this out!’ Indeed, Palin, whose college career has caused sniffing among intellectual snobs, has been proven more right than the Ivy League elite about the financial crisis that faces the United States, such as when she warned about the dangers of quantitative easing... Palin has yet to announce her intentions for the 2012 election. But it seems she is developing an agenda fit for a presidential candidate.”
Exit Quote - Dwight D. Eisenhower:
“There is nothing wrong with America that faith, love of freedom, intelligence, and energy of her citizens cannot cure.”
- JP

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