Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lloyd Marcus: Palin Power Coming On Stronger!

"Every time this woman speaks, I feel excited. But most important, I feel empowered."
TEA Party activist Lloyd Marcus acknowledges Gov. Palin's unqualified defense of the movement as it has come under unprecedented attack from leftist Democrats and Vichy Republicans in recent days:
Sarah Palin's latest "in your face" to the Obama administration in defense of the Tea Party is guaranteed to infuriate the left and terrify the timid on our side. Sarah said, "If we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, Obama would want to pal around with us, wouldn't he?"

Wow! I loooooooove this woman!

Compare Palin's cojones to those of Republican presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman. Huntsman encouraged Republicans to surrender to Obama during the debt ceiling battle. Get this, folks: as a contender for the White House, Huntsman said he will not attack Obama.

How absurd is that? Huntsman's going into the ring with the Mike Tyson of politics, and his strategy is not to hit.

Compared to the John-Wayne true grit of Sarah Palin, Mr. Huntsman sounds pathetically metrosexual.

Talk about a "no surrender, no retreat" attitude! Despite a relentless and unprecedented effort to destroy her and her family, Palin is just as bold and beautiful as she was when she gave her extraordinary VP nominee acceptance speech in 2008.

I know you fearful folks on our side will flood me with e-mails about how Palin is too this or too that. Well, I am sorry, but every time this woman speaks, I feel excited. But most important, I feel empowered. After the Republicans' depressing cave on the debt ceiling, Lord knows we Tea Party patriots desperately need to feel empowered.

Sorry, Representative Bachmann; sorry Congressman Paul. No leader has been a stronger defender of the TEA Party movement than Gov. Palin. No one.

h/t: Fay

- JP

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