Tuesday, August 9, 2011

John Hayward: Palin Conquers the Storm

Palin’s prescriptions... are the exact opposite of Obama’s dodges and whiny demands..."
Here's another rave review of Gov. Palin's Facebook essay, "Conquering the Storm." It's by John Hayward at Human Events, and we have some excerpts to whet your appetite:
It’s a big piece, but well worth reading in full. Compare it to the weary talking-point retread our clueless President delivered in his statement on the same afternoon, and you can see why the markets were nose-diving even as Obama spoke. Palin wrote the speech he should have given, but is utterly incapable of conceiving.

As Palin points out, the S&P downgrade wasn’t a surprise to people who were paying attention. She claims no great powers of clairvoyance. She was just reading the statements pouring out of the credit agencies, which is hard to Democrats to do, since they immediately roll those statements into clubs for beating the Tea Party.


Palin’s prescriptions for dealing with the crisis are the exact opposite of Obama’s dodges and whiny demands for tax increases, and they make a hell of a lot more sense than anything the President has said for months.


This powerful and detailed Palin essay makes an excellent [addition] to your collection, in case you find yourself confronted by the occasional zombie who parrots the talking point that she has no expertise, and takes no serious positions. The people who volunteered to paw through her email would be well-advised to read this instead. People who are still willing to re-elect the man who professes to be surprised by every major development of the past two years should try listening to someone who didn’t find any of his failures “unexpected” at all.

- JP

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