Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand Palin smears

From lamestream leftist publications like Harper's to Haterade-powered gutter smear blogs, the left has been attacking Sarah Palin for two years now for allegedly "using" her children for political purposes.


- JP


  1. Oh yeah, Obama isn't using his kids.


  2. This is what he was writing when he wasn't reading any of the bills passed under his inept watch.

    Across the United States, however, millions of liberal women are gazing at this cover with moonbeams in their tear-filled eyes, enjoying Meaningful Oprah Moments.

    Liberal men are also choked-up, causing the testosterone level in this country to plunge like Stanislaus University students catching sight of a particularly rancid dumpster.

    Oh well, maybe B. Hussein wrote it while on vacation. That would have given him 198 days to craft the epic.