Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Las Vegas Sun: Sharron Angle seeks a push from Sarah Palin

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the Sharron Angle campaign in Nevada is preparing to announce an endorsement of its candidate by Sarah Palin. Angle staffers are hoping that an endorsement from the the first woman to be both governor of Alaska and the GOP's vice presidential candidate will motivate the Republican base and turn out voters in their tight race against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid:
Although Angle’s campaign has actively pursued the former Alaska governor’s endorsement, the effect of Palin’s seal of approval remains an open question in a race with so few undecided voters.

Republican operatives acknowledged that Palin is a polarizing figure unlikely to sway independent voters, who are key to the race, or persuade new voters to join Angle’s camp. But a visit by her to the state could motivate volunteers and help get Angle’s much-needed base to the polls.

“Sure there are some Republicans who aren’t impressed with her,” said Robert Uithoven, a Republican consultant in Reno. “But she’s still a significant force in the conservative movement. And I think in a race that could be decided by a few hundred votes, it’s important to use every tool.”

Indeed, Angle hopes Palin will fill the role of party motivator just as her opponent, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, is counting on President Barack Obama, who plans to headline at least one October campaign event for him, to rally the troops.

And if there’s a party that needs motivating this election cycle, it’s the Democrats.

“I never thought I would say this, but Sarah Palin actually is a bigger draw for those loyal supporters on the right than Barack Obama is for supporters on the left,” said Eric Herzik, a political scientist at UNR. “The left is a little dispirited and a little fractured right now.”

Angle spokesman Jarrod Agen said the campaign is working out the details of an event to make the official endorsement announcement. He would not confirm whether Palin would visit the state to stump for Angle.
Although Gov. Palin has not formally endorsed Angle, she has already provided some support to the former member of the Nevada Assembly. In June, an Angle spokesman said the campaign had received a "generous donation" from SarahPAC, and the governor offered some moral support the same month via Twitter, encouraging Angle to "stay strong" in the wake of politically-motivated attacks against her. In July, Gov. Palin defended Angle, again in a Twitter message.

The Daily Caller inaccurately reported in July that Angle had Sarah Palin's endorsement. While the candidate may have had the governor's implicit approval, it has never been made explicitly.

Speaking of inaccuracy, the Sun's article has a few errors, including this one:
"Palin has mostly endorsed women, all of whom are conservative — “mama grizzlies,” as Palin likes to call them."
Actually, Gov. Palin has endorsed 23 men and 18 women for national office in the 2010 elections. She has also endorsed three women for statewide office, but even counting those endorsements, the governor has endorsed two more men than women.

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